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A woman with a glass of sangria in her hand sitting on an outdoor dining bench with a sangria spill beside her

How to Clean Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics

Living a full life includes spills, muddy paw prints, and sticky fingers, but it doesn’t have to include stains when you choose Sunbrella fabrics for your DIY projects and upholstered furniture. 

A bedroom with sheer white sunbrella curtains

How to Clean Sunbrella Curtains and Drapery

Like all Sunbrella products and fabrics, Sunbrella curtains and drapes are designed to beautifully withstand everyday living. Follow these simple steps to clean your Sunbrella curtains and drapes.

Tips To Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture For Summer

Tips To Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture For Summer

To get the most of our your favorite outdoor sofa, chaise, or your go-to swing bed this season, a little light clean-up may be needed. Sunbrella fabrics make your warm weather outdoor furniture prep incredibly easy so you can get straight into enjoying your backyard santcuary with minimal effort!

Red boat seat with blue and white pillows, with a charcuterie board

Kick Off a Worry-Free Summer with Sunbrella

Summer is almost here and it’s time for Memorial Day celebrations and backyard get-togethers! Whether you prefer lakeside picnics, backyard barbecues, or patio lounging with your favorite beverage for summer, spruce up your outdoor space with worry-free, easy-to-clean, stain resistant Sunbrella fabrics. 

Video: How to Measure and Install Draperies and Curtains

Video: How to Measure and Install Draperies and Curtains

Follow these simple steps to measure for Sunbrella window treatments and hang them like a pro. Watch our step-by-step video for details on how to ensure the perfect fit for your Sunbrella window treatments. 

Video: How to Clean Sunbrella Window Treatments

Video: How to Clean Sunbrella Window Treatments

Made for everyday living, Sunbrella window treatments are low maintenance and even come with a warranty for worry-free living. Watch our video for tips and tricks for cleaning your Sunbrella window treatments. 

Outdoor patio with teak furniture

The First Clean of Spring

Springtime is right around the corner which means it’s time to start preparing your outdoor space for more time spent outside! Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean and built to last so you can sit back and relax, season after season. 

Introducing Sunbrella Extract™

Introducing Sunbrella Extract™

Introducing new Sunbrella Extract Oil Based Stain Remover. Extract draws out the toughest, most set-in grease and oil based stains for quick and easy removal. 

A sewing machine in a workspace with blue fabric rolls in the background

How to Sew with Sunbrella Fabric

For those of us who love crafting, DIY projects, and the ultimate personalization of making our own unique items, Sunbrella is the worry-free choice. Our fabrics are long-lasting, easy to clean, and comfortable for everyone to enjoy in any environment. Follow along for tips and guidelines for sewing with Sunbrella fabrics. 

A Worry-Free Winter with Sunbrella

A Worry-Free Winter with Sunbrella

Winter is officially here, and with it comes cold weather, winter storms, and maybe even some fun snow days. When you choose outdoor furniture made with Sunbrella fabrics, you can rest easy knowing your outdoor living area is safe, even in snowy, icy weather. 

Dining room table with holiday centerpiece

Cleaning up Holiday Spills with Sunbrella

The holidays are full of food, drinks, and fun, and all these together inevitably lead to spills and potential stains on your furniture. Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant Sunbrella fabrics are the best choice to stay worry-free this holiday season. 

Green fabric and teal fabric swatches

5 Reasons to Choose Sunbrella Color to the Core Fabrics

Performance fabrics can be a game-changer for your upholstered furniture. Sunbrella Color to the Core fabrics are made to provide comfort, easy care, and durability; while repelling water and resisting stains, mold, and mildew.