A Worry-Free Winter with Sunbrella

Winter is officially here, and with it comes cold weather, winter storms, and maybe even some fun snow days. When you choose outdoor furniture made with Sunbrella fabrics, you can rest easy knowing your outdoor living area is safe, even in snowy, icy weather. 

When most people think about outdoor furniture, they picture warm summer days spent relaxing in the sun. But what about when winter rolls around? When you choose furniture, cushions, pillows, and shade fabrics for your outdoor living area, you need outdoor fabrics that are made to last.  


Outdoor Fabrics with Ultimate Cleanability

Sunbrella fabrics are made to be easily cleanable while maintaining the strength and integrity of the fabric. Our fabrics are engineered to resist stains and water, keeping your fabrics looking fresh and new for years to come. When spills, snowy days, and muddy paw prints do occur, cleaning is easy with gentle soap and water.


For bigger messes, Sunbrella fabrics are even bleach cleanable. You should always protect the area around your Sunbrella fabric when using bleach or other chemical solvents that may discolor non-Sunbrella fabrics. 


Worry-Free Livability

Sunbrella fabrics are weather resistant – engineered to resist the harmful effects of exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and humidity. Built-in mold and mildew resistance means you won’t need to worry about mildew stains or mold growth on your upholstered furniture.


Because Sunbrella fabrics are weather, mold and mildew resistant, you can leave your fabrics outside year-round and rest easy knowing that Sunbrella performance fabrics are built withstand Mother Nature.


Experience the Sunbrella Difference this Winter

Sunbrella fabrics are designed to be durable, retaining their beauty through every season of the year. Woven to be tough and endure the elements of nature, Sunbrella fabrics are also beautifully crafted for a comfortable, inviting style. Discover the Sunbrella difference and find a retailer near you today! 

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