Video: How to Measure and Install Draperies and Curtains

How to Measure and Install Draperies and Curtains

Follow these simple steps to measure for Sunbrella window treatments and hang them like a pro.


Let’s start by measuring your windows to ensure the perfect fit. You’ll need a measuring tape, pen, and paper. 

  • First, measure the width of your window. If your window has molding around it, measure from the outer edges of the molding. 
  • Write down the width on your piece of paper and add 3 inches to each side for ideal bracket placement. 
  • Multiply the width by 2 to allow for the recommended fullness and coverage. This will give you your minimum fullness width. 
  • Divide this number by the width of the panel, for Sunbrella window treatments, that is 50 inches. 
  • Round this number up to find the minimum number of panels you will need for ideal coverage and fullness.


For example: 

A 76” window + 6” bracket allowance x 2 = 164”


164” / 50” = 3.28; round up to 4 panels


Next measure the length. If you need to install a curtain rod, it should be placed 4-6” above the top of the window. Once your curtain rod is in place, measure from the rod to the floor.


Now let’s think about lengths and styles. 

If you want your drapes to have a clean, crisp look, they should stop just short of the floor, or kiss the floor. For drapes that float just above the floor, subtract a ½” from the rod-to-floor-measurement. To kiss the floor, use the rod-to-floor measurement exactly. If you’d like your drapes to puddle or pool for a dramatic, elegant effect, add 4-6” to the length, depending on how much fabric you want to puddle on the floor.


Now you need to consider how the curtains will be hung. 

Sunbrella curtains are offered in 2 header styles. A 3-in-1 construction that gives you options to hang from the rod pocket, back tab, or clip rings, or a grommet style that simply slips onto your curtain rod. If you choose the 3-in-1 style and choose to hang with clip rings, please note that the clip rings are sold separately, and you’ll want to get 7 clip rings for every 50” curtain panel you use. If you’re using a curtain rod with clip rings, subtract the height of the rod and ring from your length.


Using these simple measurements, you’re ready to order your curtains. When your curtains arrive, they’re ready to hang. To hang with a rod pocket, back tabs, or grommets, just slide your curtain rod through and hang the rod on the brackets. If you’re using clip rings, you’ll want to lay the panel flat out and attach a clip ring at the center of each tab. Now you’re ready to slip the rings on your curtain rod and hang the rod on the brackets. All done!


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