Waterproof SeaMark fabric in RainWaterproof SeaMark fabric in Rain

Sunbrella® Seamark Fabric

Tough, waterproof performance


Closeup of blue SeaMark fabric with water dropletsCloseup of blue SeaMark fabric with water droplets
Closeup of water droplets on SeaMark fabricCloseup of water droplets on SeaMark fabric

Sunbrella Seamark

If it has to be waterproof, it has to be SeaMark

Defend against extreme precipitation and moisture with Sunbrella SeaMark fabric. Engineered with durable Sunbrella fabric and waterproof backing, SeaMark delivers strong performance without sacrificing style. Superior weather resistance also makes SeaMark a top choice in shade material in environments that see extreme weather, delivering ultimate protection against heavy rain, harsh sun rays, mold, mildew and other outdoor elements.

Available in 60” and 78” widths.

Seamark® is a registered trademark of the Haartz Corporation.

Closeup of blue SeaMark dimension fabrics

Sunbrella Seamark is available in 18 colors spanning a palette of classic colors. This protective, waterproof fabric is ideal for awning and boat projects. For boats, use Seamark for applications like enclosures, bimini tops, and dodgers. Sunbrella Seamark can also be used for awning, canopy and other shade structures.

Royal Blue Tweed

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  • Waterproof

    Sunbrella SeaMark shields against even the toughest weather with complete waterproof protection.

  • Fade Resistant

    Durable Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with color and UV stabilized pigments, ensuring our fabrics won’t fade or become damaged due to the sun’s harsh rays or normal wear. Sunbrella fabrics, unlike ordinary fabrics, are solution-dyed with rich colors that stay brilliant over time no matter the environment.

  • Stain Resistant

    Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with built-in moisture resistance. With a protective finish that won’t wash away, even after daily use, Sunbrella fabrics stands up to life’s toughest messes.

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

    All Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to mold and mildew. Should exposure to dirt, debris, sun lotion, or other environmental elements cause mold or mildew to occur, simply spot clean with a bleach solution.

  • Easy to Clean icon

    Engineered to maintain their integrity, Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean. When life happens, blot spills with a clean, dry cloth and use mild soap and warm water to remove. For even the toughest messes, our fabrics are safe to clean with a diluted bleach solution.

5 Year Limited Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty

Sunbrella fabrics are promise of quality, comfort and peace of mind. We value making fabrics with complete performance that stand up to everyday life. That’s why Sunbrella is confident in standing behind every fabric with comprehensive warranties, including a 5-year limited warranty covering loss of strength or color due to normal usage and exposure for upholstery, specialty and decorative shade fabrics.


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  1. Sunbrella SeaMark - Black - 2095-0063
    SKU 2095-0063
    As low as $4.00 / sample
  2. Sunbrella SeaMark - Black / Linen - 2111-0063
    SKU 2111-0063
    As low as $4.00 / sample
  3. Sunbrella SeaMark - Cadet Grey - 2097-0063
    SKU 2097-0063
    As low as $4.00 / sample
  4. Sunbrella SeaMark - Captain Navy - 2098-0063
    SKU 2098-0063
    As low as $4.00 / sample
  5. Sunbrella SeaMark - Charcoal Grey - 2110-0063
    SKU 2110-0063
    $4.00 / sample
  6. Sunbrella SeaMark - Charcoal Tweed - 2105-0063
    SKU 2105-0063
    As low as $4.00 / sample
  7. Sunbrella SeaMark - Dubonnet Tweed - 2102-0063
    SKU 2102-0063
    $4.00 / sample
  8. Sunbrella SeaMark - Forest Green - 2109-0063
    SKU 2109-0063
    $4.00 / sample
  9. Sunbrella SeaMark - Hemlock Tweed - 2099-0063
    SKU 2099-0063
    $4.00 / sample
  10. Sunbrella SeaMark - Linen - 2104-0063
    SKU 2104-0063
    $4.00 / sample
  11. Sunbrella SeaMark - Linen Tweed - 2096-0063
    SKU 2096-0063
    As low as $4.00 / sample
  12. Sunbrella SeaMark - Med Blue Tweed - 2106-0063
    SKU 2106-0063
    $4.00 / sample
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1-12 of 18 Fabrics

Close up of a colorful assortment of Sunbrella SeaMark fabrics

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