What’s New: Sunbrella Horizon Marine Vinyl

Sunbrella Horizon® marine vinyl is the perfect way to elevate your boat, designed to serve a wide range of marine applications, including passenger seating, captain’s chairs, cabin headliners, and sun pads. This year, we’ve added new colors and a new embossed texture to the Horizon marine vinyl collection, offering more options than ever before.


Horizon marine vinyl offers ultra-comfortable seating with flexibility to customize the style of your boat.

Why Sunbrella Horizon?

Engineered to be ultra-comfortable with exceptional durability, our marine vinyl stands up to all the challenges of constant exposure to marine conditions. Offering comfort and durability with highly UV-stable pigments, Sunbrella Horizon provides optimal color retention and strong protection against fading from sunlight, all backed by our industry-leading warranty for ultimate peace of mind. Sunbrella Horizon is weather, mold, and mildew resistant; easy-to-clean and bleach cleanable; resists cold-cracking; and offers the best protection against microbial pinking.


Sunbrella Horizon is offered in three textures: Capriccio, Textil, and Sorrento.

The Horizon Collection

Bring your vision to life with our breadth of colors, including a range of timeless neutrals, classic marine hues, and bold pops of color for added contrast. Choose between three embossed textures—Capriccio, Textil, and NEW Sorrento—all with a smooth, matte finish.


Sorrento's unique two-toned texture and rich embossing pair as an accent alongside the solid colors of Capriccio and Textil.


Capriccio offers a subtly pebbled surface with a smooth matte finish. Textil features an embossed linen texture, celebrating the beauty and charm of natural weaves. The new Sorrento texture takes this classic inspiration and builds upon it, introducing a printed motif that adds a touch of sophistication and a hint of complexity, creating a distinctive fabric that is both modern and timeless.


Mix and match colors and textures for a style that is uniquely your own.

Tune In to Learn More

Our Sunbrella team recently attended the Miami International Boat Show, where Sunbrella Regional Sales Manager, Edmund Gant, caught up with the team from Overhulled to talk about what’s new with Sunbrella Horizon. Check out the video below: