Livable Luxury for Your Home

For Sunbrella, home has always been about more than four walls—it is where we exhibit our personal style, experiment, and push the limits of our imagination.



Embrace a modern sense of luxury with high-quality, cherished items that transcend fleeting trends and make your space uniquely your own. Our timeless styles help you design a space built on a foundation of functional, long-lasting pieces that withstand passing fads and stand up to everyday life.


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As we lean into a more personalized approach to design, incorporating long-lasting, high-quality fabrics with designs that feel timeless and luxe helps to create meaningful spaces where we connect with those we love the most.


Looking for design inspiration?

We’ve pulled examples and inspiration of luxurious indoor fabrics from the Sunbrella upholstery collection to help. 


Elevate Your Space with Luxury Plains

Add lush textures to your home in a palette of timeless neutrals with the new Sunbrella Luxury Plains collection. Designed to add warmth and luxurious texture to your indoor spaces, our fabrics prove you can enjoy the best of both worlds: durability and impeccable softness.

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A Sustainable Approach with Sunbrella ReTweed

Mid-century modern and vintage tweed-inspired, the ReTweed collection by Richard Frinier is a sustainable line of performance fabrics containing up to 93% recycled content. Giving the textural appearance of hand-loomed textiles where no two rolls are alike, ReTweed is reflective of using Sunbrella recycled yarns where contrasting flecks along with natural color variations are inherent to the recycling and manufacturing processes. These perfectly imperfect design details serve as artful and meaningful references to the importance of sustainable living practices.

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Worry-Free Indoor Fabrics from Sunbrella

When you furnish your home with Sunbrella indoor fabrics, you can relax and enjoy your space without worrying about spills or stains, even on bright white or soft neutral fabrics. Mix textures with patterns for a beautifully curated style that you love.


Textured white upholstery fabric Sunbrella Momento SnowTextured white upholstery fabric Sunbrella Momento Snow
Momento Snow
Beige and white patterned upholstery fabric Sunbrella Clock Out CloudBeige and white patterned upholstery fabric Sunbrella Clock Out Cloud
Clock Out Cloud
Soft beige plush chenille Sunbrella fabric Platform CloudSoft beige plush chenille Sunbrella fabric Platform Cloud
Platform Cloud


Momento Snow is a highly textural, crisp white fabric featuring a channel-like ribbed surface. Created through the pairing of chunky boucle and flat yarns, Momento Snow features a luxuriously soft hand.

Clock Out Cloud is a two-color graphic pattern with graceful movement in soft linen and white featuring a chambray-like weave structure.

Platform Cloud is a plush chenille fabric in a soft, light beige. The striated surface creates a natural and comforting tactile experience.


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