Creating Inspiring Spaces with Textiles

Textiles have been an essential part of human life since the inception of early civilization.
As the technology of textiles has advanced, so too has the application for the use of textiles throughout culture. From patios to living rooms and even in art, textiles can be used just about anywhere.



The performance properties of Sunbrella fabrics have naturally widened the scope of how they can be used. Through inspiration of patterns and interpretation of color, our fabrics are being used more creatively than ever.  
From Commodity to Creativity 
Early human civilizations used textiles as a commodity for blankets, clothing, and furniture. All fibers and fabric were woven by hand, making the process time-consuming and designed for purpose over style.  (Source: 



The Industrial Revolution changed the industry of textiles. With the invention of the power loom, an early version of what is used today to weave Sunbrella fabrics. Textiles could then be made quickly by using different fibers and techniques.  
Artists and designers have been pushing their creativity to new heights with the modernization of textile techniques, exploring endless colors and dye processes and different types of materials. 
Adaption and Interpretation   
Sunbrella fabrics can be used both indoors and outdoors because of the performance capabilities that make them durable and resistant to most messes. With less worry about wear and tear, there is more freedom to be creative. 



Sunbrella has endless fabric colors, textures, and patterns; there’s a style solution for every project!  



Interior designers Emily Henderson and Dabito recently used these colors and textures to inspire and define recent projects. They interpret their unique creative style with the textiles they choose and how they put them to use. 



In 2020, artist Liz Collins adapted Sunbrella fabrics to create an exhibit in New York City. Also inspired by the colors and textures of Sunbrella, she interpreted a new way for our Contract fabrics to be used in a commercial space.  Collins created a surrealist lounge where the art and furniture were literally cut from the same cloth of vibrating geometric patterns for fascinating visual effect. 



With each creative eye, our fabrics can take new form and be used in ways we are proud to see time and time again.  
Ready to get creative? View our wide range of upholstery fabrics to get inspired for your next project.