Cleaning & Protecting With 303®

Sunbrella® endorses 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner and 303® Fabric Guard to clean and protect outdoor fabrics


Sunbrella fabrics are designed so you can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing outdoor patio with minimal maintenance. The material features elevated stain resistance, UV protection, and is fade proof. 

But most of all, Sunbrella fabric provides comfort which lasts, and you might wish to refresh your patio set or umbrella after a few years to keep it in top shape. If that's the case, allow 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner and 303® Fabric Guard to help in the fight against stains, spills, and smudges. 

Keep reading so we can show you everything you need to know about utilizing this two-step system to retreating your outdoor fabrics so you can fight stubborn messes and restore lost water-repellency.


Step 1: Refresh With 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner 


303® Multi-Surface Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning agent that works on all water-safe materials, including Sunbrella fabrics. In the rare case that a stubborn stain did find its way onto your furniture, the cleaning agent quickly removes spots from coffee, wine, grease, and more. Moreover, the residue-free formula ensures that treated areas are prepped with no streaking left behind. 

Here's how to properly perform Step 1 using 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner on your Sunbrella fabrics: 

  • Spray 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner evenly across the fabric until wet. 
  • Agitate the area with a soft brush or wet cloth.  
  • Wipe up stains and spots with a damp cloth and rinse with clean water if necessary. 
  • Allow ample time for the entire treated area to air dry in a well-ventilated space.

This step can be applied to all areas of your patio, including the pillows, seat cushions, area rugs, and more. There's no need to be shy when using the product with your outdoor setup.


Step 2: Protect Using 303® Fabric Guard 


303® Fabric Guard strengthens and restores outdoor fabrics by creating a powerful shield that deters even the most stubborn stains. After cleaning and drying your desired Sunbrella materials in Step 1, you can now move forward to safeguard your furniture from both oil and water-based stains following the Step 2 instructions: 

  • Only use 303® Fabric Guard outdoors in a well-ventilated area, ideally with a temperature of 70°F, and away from open flames. 
  • Spray across the surface in a crisscross pattern (once vertically, once horizontally) until evenly wet. 
  • Allow a minimum of 12 hours for the product to dry on the fabric's surface.
  • That's it! There is no need to agitate or brush the area. Just give it time to go to work. 

Your patio furniture is now cleaned, protected, and has restored its water-repellency to factory-new levels. By following this system on durable Sunbrella fabrics, your patio furniture can now withstand just about anything brave enough to get in its path.