Izaskun Chinchilla For Sunbrella At Casa Decor 2018

“Every year, a building is completely renovated by the most influential architects of moment.”

Created in 1992, CASA DECOR is an exclusive exhibition of interior design. The event became a reference in the sector of the interior design. Having crossed the 25 years milestone, Casa Decor is in a splendid mature youth, in which each edition is an attainable challenge. The latest edition gathered more than 43,000 visitors but the most important thing is not the numbers, it is what is achieved: a renewed desire to return. Because Casa Decor brings visitors to a unique experience.

The spanish architect Izaskun Chinchilla created a unique installation with Sunbrella fabrics. Set up in the hall and the staircase of the building, the creation pays tribute to nature. Through suspensions of fabric flower, Izaskun Chinchilla wished to build a different idea for the future. While inspired by the landscape painter Gertrude Jekyll, Sunbrella fabrics make the experience unique. Izaskun Chinchilla and Sunbrella proposed to Casa Decor visitors a virtual experience so that their image of the house of the future will be transformed: we proposed to climb the stairs chatting with Gertrude Jekyll.

She would tell us about the importance of slowness and patience, of making slowly, of taking care of the product and, of course, using a garden as an example: “A garden is a great teacher. It teaches patience and careful vigilance. Above all, it teaches to develop a full sense of confidence.”

Vestibulo y Esclera Izaskun Chinchilla Architects Espacio Sunbrella

Gertrude would invite us to always accompany the spaces of color because, ultimately, the color in nature is the representative of life. Gertrude would advise us on how to organize the color in sequences: in the limits of each space she would recommend developing the complete set of the color wheel, as if the chromatic circle had been cut and transformed into a linear sequence. All this helps to recognize what characterizes life, its cyclical nature that is expressed and renewed in the seasons and in all the biological cycles and the constant combination of harmony and contrast.

Purple, blue, and pink Sunbrella fabrics at Casa Decor

And this would take us to take advantage of the last section to ask about one of the biggest challenges that every designer faces: how to guarantee a stimulating comfort, providing rest and inspiration, pleasure and vital impulse. And she would talk about assuming the complexity of life, assuming that our homes, our bodies and our gardens are in permanent transformation and, instead of organizing perfect spaces we must organize spaces where the layers of life are balanced.

Stairway at Casa Decor Event

Izaskun Chinchilla already worked with Sunbrella fabrics in 2017. During the previous edition of CASA DECOR, the architect collaborated with the brand by creating the auditorium of the building. Lover of the wildlife, the architect creates many exteriors projects (like “Organic Growth Pavillon”). Thereby, the Sunbrella brand is in total adequacy with the innovate work of Izaskun Chinchilla. Their collaborations have won them the most creative design award 2018.