Bringing the Indoors Out | An Interview with Sunbrella by Jensen Outdoor

We were thrilled to partner with Jensen Outdoor for their premiere episode of Outdoor Confidential, an interior designer education series dedicated to the secrets of luxury exterior design.




Bringing the indoors out is no small feat, and both Sunbrella and Jensen Outdoor understand the intricacies and nuances involved in crafting the perfect outdoor space. From design trends to sustainability, this video gives you an exclusive look into Sunbrella, with in-depth interviews with key team members including: Sarah Dooley (Marketing Director), Greg Voorhis (Executive Design Director), Steve Pawl (Chief Marketing Officer), and Amy Gillam (Design Manager for Outdoor and Retail Segments). They share the inspiration behind our designs, our rigorous manufacturing processes, and our commitment to sustainability and performance.


Watch the video to learn more about topics like our Color to the Core™ technology, the evolution of outdoor fabric styles, and the importance of sustainability in the Sunbrella manufacturing process. You'll also gain insights into consumer trends and the strategic design aspects that have elevated outdoor spaces in recent years.


Sunbrella fabrics harmoniously blend into the design philosophy of Jensen Outdoor, a leader in luxury outdoor wood furniture. Jensen's commitment to using 100% FSC®-certified Ipe timber from the tropical forests of Bolivia mirrors our dedication to sustainable practices.


Whether you're a designer or a homeowner, this video will inspire you to think about outdoor spaces differently, emboldening you to create harmonious, stylish, and comfortable exterior environments.



Jensen's mission is to bring the highest-quality, sustainable wood furniture in the world to your outdoor space. The Virginia-based team sources, designs, and crafts luxury outdoor furniture using the world’s best materials, creating purpose-built designs to expand your home’s footprint outside. Learn more about the Jensen Outdoor story.


Sustainable processes and protecting the environment are key principles for both Jensen Outdoor and Sunbrella, making the partnership a natural fit for both companies. Sunbrella and Jensen both prioritize a commitment to the natural environment, with rigorous, stringent standards to ensure the highest quality materials are used to create long-lasting products with luxurious design.


Jensen was among the first outdoor furniture manufacturers to receive FSC®-Certification in 1995, and they continue leading the industry in forestry stewardship. Jensen Outdoor strives to protect forests through sustainable sourcing techniques, ensuring these high-quality natural materials are available for generations to come. As a Forest Stewardship Council partner, they help responsibly manage 2 million acres of dry-tropical forests in Eastern Bolivia. They rotate which areas of the forest are harvested every season, enabling better forest diversity and health. By purchasing from Jensen, you are directly supporting the longevity of these unique forests.


Sunbrella products are rooted in sustainability throughout the manufacturing of the fiber, yarn, and fabric. Our dedication to quality ensures that you are getting a product that lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often, ultimately creating less waste. All Sunbrella facilities are focused on minimizing waste and recycling as many materials as possible.  Our manufacturing facilities divert over 90% of manufacturing waste and our takeback recycling program, Recycle My Sunbrella, has collected over 1 million pounds of fabric to date that otherwise would have ended up in landfills. In 2021, our manufacturing facilities secured 25% of our total electricity use around the globe from renewable resources, with a goal to have 100% renewable electricity use by 2025.


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