Bring on the Bright Colors for Summer

When it comes to updating your space for summertime, embrace bright, bold colors and patterns. You can mix color, pattern, and texture in interesting ways to keep your space elevated and on trend, whatever that means to you!


Choose Designs that Speak to You

The best thing about design is that you can make it personally your own. Throw the rulebook out the window and think about what rejuvenates you. If you’re looking for inspiration, focus on a color or pattern you like and draw inspiration from there.  


Bright coral cushions and patterned pillows beside a poolBright coral cushions and patterned pillows beside a pool


Earthy: Baked Clay and Terracotta

Warm, earthy clay and terracotta make a bold statement. Fabrics like Principle Tropics weave a mixture of bright colors together. This pattern can act as a starting place for color inspiration or be the finishing touch to complete a space. 


Principle Tropics
Canvas Persimmon
Array Caribbean



Yellow pillow laying on grass surrounded by bright flowersYellow pillow laying on grass surrounded by bright flowers


Warm: Yellow and Gold

Sunflower yellow adds warmth and depth for a welcome space. Patterns like Highlight II Remix incorporate brilliant gold hues with shades of blue and red for a bold modern Americana vibe. 


Yellow fabric swatchYellow fabric swatch
Heritage Dijon
Striped yellow and white fabric swatchStriped yellow and white fabric swatch
Jibe Sunshine
Multicolored striped fabric swatchMulticolored striped fabric swatch
Highlight II Remix



Blue and teal pillows on a green outdoor sofaBlue and teal pillows on a green outdoor sofa


Vibrant: Green and Teal

Uplifting greens and relaxing teals can be both understated and radiant, making it the perfect combination for summertime. Array Calypso pairs bright green and shades of indigo and navy for vivid contrast. 


Blue, green, and teal geometric pattern fabric swatchBlue, green, and teal geometric pattern fabric swatch
Array Calypso
Multicolored woven plaid fabric swatchMulticolored woven plaid fabric swatch
Principle Lagoon
Bright teal fabric swatchBright teal fabric swatch
Piazza Lagoon


On Trend: What Makes You Happy

Summer is a time for uplifting, fresh colors. Trends are always shifting but focusing on what makes your space work for you will always result in a design win. For more design inspiration, check out our Design Ideas or view our Designer Spotlights for more inspiring spaces.