8 Must-Have Accessories for New Boat Owners

Getting a new boat is an exciting experience. If you’re planning for days spent on the water with family and friends, you want to make sure you have everything you’ll need for the best experience for everyone!


Once you have stocked your boat with safety supplies and essentials: life jackets, first aid kits, visual and sound signaling devices, and all the proper documentation; you can start focusing on the accessories you’ll need to take your boating experience to the next level. 


A white YETI brand coolerA white YETI brand cooler
A cooler for your boat ensures a steady supply of ice-cold beer, snacks, and other beverages.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Boat

1. A Cooler

One very important investment for your boat (after the essentials) should be a cooler. A large cooler will help you prepare for days spent on the water, with the option to chill drinks, keep food fresh, or even haul in the catch of the day! 


2. Bluetooth Speaker

There's something to be said for the sound of your boat cutting theough the waves but when you want some additional entertainment, a bluetooth speaker does the trick! Your boat might have a built-in sound system, but if not, not worries! There are many options for waterproof speakers that will provide the volume and battery life you need.


A pair of captain's chairs on a docked boat next to a custom drink caddy A pair of captain's chairs on a docked boat next to a custom drink caddy
Customize your drink caddy to match your boat upholstery, down to the smallest details.

3. Drink Caddy

A portable drink caddy is one of those items you might not realize you need until you have it. But take our word for it, once you have one, there’s no turning back! A weighted drink caddy allows you to keep your drinks on-hand and prevent the likelihood of spilling if you catch a rough wave!


There are even options to coordinate your custom drink caddy with your boat interior, like this option from our friends at Canvas Designers.


4. Stemless wine glasses

The last thing you want on your boat while entertaining is broken glass. Traditional wine glasses are not particularly boat friendly. Look for acrylic stemless wine glasses for a casually sophisticated look that is entirely practical. This worry-free yet elegant solution will give you an elevated look with added durability needed on the water. 


Boat seating area with several pillows in bright blue and red patternsBoat seating area with several pillows in bright blue and red patterns
Decorative pillows can add a pop of color to your marine décor.


5. Cushions and pillows

Cushions covered in Sunbrella Marine fabrics provide long-lasting strength, comfort and a distinctive sense of style for boat seating. Innovative, breakthrough Sunbrella Horizon marine vinyl provides ultra-soft seating that is ideal for marine upholstery applications. Add even more comfort with decorative pillows made with Sunbrella Marine upholstery fabrics. The style possibilities are endless with our diverse selection of colors, patterns and textures.


6. Minibar 

Many marine retailers have options for minibars. Do some research to see what will fit your craft the best! Minibars provide ample space for bottles, cups, and garnishes to create your perfect maritime cocktail. Many options can be mounted via a rod holder, so no extra customization is needed. There are also rail mount options and entire bar tables that can be adapted to an existing or after-market pedestal base.


One other fun option is a mobile bar kit like this one from Crate & Barrel. Perfect for boating or other outdoor activities like camping! 


Overhead view of a boat with a navy blue sunpad and several pillows Overhead view of a boat with a navy blue sunpad and several pillows
Sun pads are the perfect addition to keep you relaxing all summer long.


7. Sun Pad

Relax at the helm of your boat on a chic, comfortable sun pad made using Sunbrella fabrics. Sun pads can be made for any boat model and come in a variety of sizes with many customization options.


8. Water carpet

What could be more relaxing than lounging next to the boat? Water carpets come in different sizes, the largest of which can often support up to four to six adults with varying weight limits. Especially when entertaining, having a lounging option in the water is fun for kids and adults alike.


Many are outfitted with grommets so you can tie them off next to the boat and enjoy care-free fun in the water. 


Dining area on a boat with pillows and blankets on bench seatingDining area on a boat with pillows and blankets on bench seating
Make memories on your boat with family and friends for years to come!


Marine Entertaining Made Easy


The most important thing to remember about your new boat is to have fun! Investing in new accessories or features for your boat will keep you enjoying your time on the water for many years to come. 


Learn more about Sunbrella Marine Upholstery and find inspiration for Marine entertaining and time spent with friends and family on the water!