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Sunbrella Upholstery
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Canvas Canvas (5453-0000) is a great foundational off-white fabric. This fabric offers elegant style with complete design flexibility. It is designed to stand the test of time and is resistant to pilling, stains, and abrasion. It is an excellent choice for applications like indoor and outdoor upholstery, curtains, pillows, and more.

Also available as part of the Sunbrella European Upholstery Collection as Canvas Canvas (SJA 5453 137).


ACT Performance Guidelines

  • Key factors in assessing overall durability of a fabric vary depending on the fabric construction.
  • The surface wear of a fabric caused by friction (30,000 minimum double rubs Wyzenbeek method)
  • A material's degree of resistance to the fading effect of light.
  • Transfer of dye from the surface of a dyed or printed fabric onto another surface by rubbing.
  • The measurement of a fabric's performance when it is exposed to specific sources of ignition.


  • The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this Sunbrella fabric in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.
  • REACH compliancy is regulated by the European Union and promotes protection against harmful chemicals.
  • This fabric has been tested in an independent laboratory to verify it contains no harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (19.HUS.73033 HOHENSTEIN HTTI)
  • Sunbrella fabrics do not contain lead.
  • This fabric is GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions, contributing to healthy indoor air quality.
  • Sunbrella fabrics do not contain AZO dyes. We require our suppliers to not use them as well.


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