Fabrics from the Sunbrella In and Out upholstery collection

In & Out Collection

Sunbrella In & Out Collection

Bold Styles That Complement
Any Space, Inside or Out

The Sunbrella In & Out Upholstery Collection blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces with incredible design, performance and comfort. Conceived by the design studio, the 2015-2017 Sunbrella In & Out Collection includes 12 patterns in a wide array of colors. With stylized motifs, bold stripes and refined jacquards, the weaves are elegant, graphic and surprising. Colors play with contrasts between natural linen, soft pastels and greys and bolder hues like blue, green and acid yellow.

Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are woven exclusively from Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic fibers. An anti-stain treatment safeguards your Sunbrella fabrics, which are machine-washable and provide effective protection against UV rays.

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We stand behind our fabrics with a guarantee that’s best in the industry: a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery fabrics, specialty fabrics and decorative shade fabrics.

For easy day-to-day maintenance of your Sunbrella fabric:

  1. Brush off loose dirt before it becomes embedded
  2. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur, and spot-clean fabric before stains set.

In & Out Collection Trends

In developing the In & Out upholstery collection, the Sunbrella design team was inspired by trends in many different industries, working these innovative ideas into the styling of the collection.

Grey and Navy patterned Sunbrella fabrics made into pillows


In a world full of disposable products, the natural longevity and beauty of marble has been embraced as a timeless material and reimagined thanks to new technologies like laser cutting.

Pillows made of textured upholstery fabrics

Crafted Art

The use of materials like cork, leather, porcelain and felt has brought Crafted Art into a new era. While the crafted art can be expensive, these products are celebrated for their unique designs and point of view.


Made by

Although DIY has surged in popularity recently, it is not a new trend. It’s a style embraced by those who love to create. From macramé and string art to knitting and papercrats, the charm of these objects comes from its imperfections.