Art installation featuring bright colours of Sunbrella fabrics in interlocking embroidery hoops.


Sunbrella Canopy
in Milan, Italy

Created by French designer %sElise Fouin, the Sunbrella Canopy exhibition featured a mosaic of colourful Sunbrella fabrics inside thousands of interlocking embroidery hoops that immersed visitors in the sounds and senses of a lush tropical forest during Milan Design Week at the SuperDesign show. Light played a central role in the experience, filtered by the bright coloured fabrics and adding dimension and texture to the space. Fouin’s design for the space drew connections between the forest canopy and Sunbrella fabric, noting that both were subject to the extremes of nature, such as the sun and rain.

The canopy is the forest’s top layer – a point exposed to the extremes of nature, such as the sun and rain, just like the brand’s fabrics.

Élise Fouin

Art installation by Elise Fouin using colourful Sunbrella fabrics on display in Milan, Italy
See how Sunbrella Canopy came to life.