Sunbrella Captures Attention at Milan 2019 through Collaborative Textile Art Installation


In partnership with Brooklyn artist Liz Collins, Sunbrella presented “Summit Suite” at Milan Design Week 2019 at Galleria Rossana Orlandi. The highly touted installation was a multi-partner collaboration, rooted in innovation and sustainability from Sunbrella, Collins, Ligne Roset, Ardwyn Binding, and Colonial Mills. The “Summit Suite,” multi-level installation captured attention at Milan Design Week, being noted as one of the top installations of 2019 by Interior Design Magazine.

The interactive installation presented three main rooms, the ‘Mountain Room,’ the ‘Fur Room,’ and the ‘Light Room.’ Collins conceptualized this idea in an effort to capture the landscape of the city of Milan itself. In Milan, Liz is inspired most by the mountain ranges lining the city. As you journey up the mountain, you are captivated by a multitude of colors, and the detail nature offers evolves the higher you climb.

“This installation is about pushing the boundaries outside the scope of everyday design – it highlights a space where artistry meets design,” said Executive Design Director at Sunbrella, Greg Voorhis. “It was through the partnership between Sunbrella, Liz Collins and Ligne Roset, that we accomplished this vision.”

Collins experimented and explored with Sunbrella materials, as well as Ligne Roset lighting and furniture elements to embody a bold interpretation of the ‘energy and nature’ theme. Each room is meant to activate your senses through these static elements.

Sunbrella installation in Milan

Photography by Elli Ioannou Photography

This textile art installation was an organic collaboration, born of the natural synergies amongst the brands, and the shared value of sustainability. Both Ligne Roset and Sunbrella integrate sustainable practices within each stage of the manufacturing process. Sunbrella saves excess materials from our manufacturing facilities to create Renaissance yarn, which is made up of 50 percent recycled fibres and we encourage customers to participate in recycling efforts through ‘Recycle My Sunbrella.’ Ligne Roset sources wood from local, certified, sustainably managed forests, refusing to contribute to the degradation of South American rainforests. Every product receives an exhaustive analysis to limit its environmental impact at each stage of production and amplify recyclability at the end of its lifecycle.

Sunbrella fringe

Photography by Elli Ioannou Photography

“Milan Design Week is a time for design to have no boundaries,” added Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann, Managing Director Americas for Roset USA Corporation. “For art, creativity, fashion, technology, craft and sustainability to come together in the most original and inspiring ways possible. Ligne Roset and Sunbrella both support this purpose and we are furthering it through this exciting collaboration with Liz Collins at Rossana Orlandi.”

Each room is a collaborative design that leverages elements from both brands to bring Collins’ artistic journey to life. The first room, called the ‘Mountain Room,’ is the base of the summit. Collins designed a custom-woven, retro Sunbrella pattern with exuberant colors for the walls and paired with Ligne Roset’s ‘Prado’ sofa. The reimagined 80s-themed striped pattern effectively breathed life into the installation, magnified by a trio of Ligne Roset woven chandeliers to create a waterfall of colors with Sunbrella cords.

Lampshades made from Sunbrella fibers

Photography by Elli Ioannou Photography

“Working with Sunbrella and Ligne Roset has been enthralling,” said Collins in a post-Design Week conversation. “To create a unique interior world through Sunbrella’s vast range of materials and resources and engage with new forms through Ligne Roset’s pieces, has been a tremendously rewarding process.”

The second room, called the ‘fur room,’ was built to highlight each brand’s commitment to sustainability. The walls are lined with recycled cardboard and covered with selvedge fabrics from the Sunbrella textile mills. The multi-colored, patterned panels are then accented by Ligne Roset’s Asola floor lamp, dressed in Sunbrella fabrics.

Bright striped Sunbrella fabrics

Photography by Elli Ioannou Photography

Each step that leads visitors from room to room is covered by custom-made stair treads by Colonial Mills and lined with delicate but durable Ardwyn trimming. The stunning patchwork fringe rug engages visitors and visually prepares them for what they will see at their final destination on the mountain.

summit room

Photography by Elli Ioannou Photography

The top of the mountain, represented by the ‘Light Room,’ is a minimalistic space that allows visitors to take in their surroundings peacefully. Three custom pieces of artwork hanging from the walls designed by Liz Collins using Sunbrella product were the focal points of the room, extended from the stairs by the same artisanal rug to tie the spaces together seamlessly. The first custom piece of artwork was Memphis 2, a needlepoint piece stitched with Sunbrella yarn. The second piece was Armor Faucet, a long single draping of textile yarns and Sunbrella trim flowing from the wall. The third, and largest piece, was Royal Embrace, which included two acrylic canvas’ connected with Sunbrella yarn. Ligne Roset then anchored the elements of the space with a long vermillion DITA credenza.

artwork out of Sunbrella yarns.

Photography by Elli Ioannou Photography

“We are thrilled to collaborate with design-forward partners to bring a unique, full sensory experience to life within Rosanna Orlandi’s notable environment,” said Stephanie Cizinsky, Marketing Director at Sunbrella. “We wish to convey creativity and to build brand recognition through this experience.”

Sunbrella’s installation at Galleria Rossana Orlandi was featured across several outlets and was highly anticipated by journalists and designers alike. Frame picked the ‘Summit Suite’ as a top installation for Milan in addition to Interior Design Magazine and Surface Magazine voted Liz Collins as the number one female artist at Milan Design Week 2019 for her “two-story installation of emboldened, vibrant color.”

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