Design on the Gold Coast: 3Beaches Textiles and The Textile and Design Studio


Premier performance, patterns, and a penchant for playful palettes, are interwoven in the design ethos of 3Beaches Textiles and The Textile and Design Studio, TT|DS.  Meet co-founders, Sonya Romeo and Niamh Brennan, the duo behind many notable Gold Coast hospitality projects.

Sonya Romeo and Niamh Brennan, 3Beaches

Sonya and Niamh have built their interior design offering, TT|DS, as a reflection of their uncompromising pursuit of excellence and as a celebration of design innovation. They offer an exclusive interior design service to commercial, residential and marine clients, and distribute several luxury brands: 3Beaches Textiles, Jerry Pair Leather, and Santa Barbara Designs umbrellas. This talented pair of creatives are also the designers behind the performance fabric brand, 3Beaches Textiles. We had a chance to catch up with the designers ahead of the launch of 3Beaches’ fourth collection, Auchenflower, expected for release later this year.

“Sonya and I co-founded 3Beaches in 2014, and at the time, we were printing our textile designs on fabrics of various compositions. We quickly realized that we needed to be offering true performance fabrics to our clients, to endure the harsh Australian climate and daily challenges,” says Niamh. “That’s when we formed our exclusive partnership with Sunbrella to weave 3Beaches patterns and colorways into Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylics. We wanted to marry aesthetics with durability – and Sunbrella was the obvious choice.”

The offering has proven valuable along Australia’s Gold Coast, not only in residential design and boating, but also in high-traffic hospitality projects. “When you pair sun, sand, and sunblock, you have a unique need for performance fabrics. Add in food and beverage spills, and solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are the clear choice,” notes Niamh.

pink umbrella

Transporting the Gold Coast to Greece: Bar Hellenika

Known as one of the premier restaurants in Queensland, Hellenika is a top destination for foodies and design groupies alike. Nestled in charming Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, and famed for Greek fare, Hellenika, pulls in diners from around the world while its sunlit rooftop bar transports guests to the Mediterranean.

yellow and white umbrella

The TT|DS team worked with the owner of Hellenika, Simon Gloftis, to introduce canary yellow cabana striped umbrellas, manufactured by luxury American brand Santa Barbara Designs, for designer shade that would hold its color for years to come in fade-resistant Sunbrella acrylic.

rooftop restaurant with yellow and white umbrellas

“We wanted to create something simple yet vibrant for this rooftop, a space that could match the energy of the iconic interior and outstanding reputation of Hellenika,” says Sonya. “This color palette of bright yet muted yellow and sharp white contrasts transports guests to Greece. Even when shaded by the umbrellas you still have the feeling of the sun above.”

restaurant with yellow and white awnings

A Canvas with Captivating Views: Hyde Paradiso

Hyde Paradiso has become a go-to Gold Coast destination for chic design, artful cocktails, and unparalleled views. Boasting an unobstructed view of the ocean, Hyde Paradiso designer Carlie Milosevic, and hospitality giant, Accor Hotels, partnered with 3Beaches to choose striking performance fabrics that complemented the natural beauty of the sea — and could remain as stunningly flawless for regulars as it was for opening-night guests.

restaurant with blue and coral upholstery

“The coastline view from Hyde Paradiso is breathtaking,” said Niamh. “The vision for the design was to create an environment that both invited guests to soak in the seaside view and emitted a sense of excitement and energy. We worked with Carlie and Accor Hotels to choose 3Beaches fabrics that could bring the space to life.”

The coastal blue fabrics used for the seat cushions and pillows seamlessly connect the space with the ocean and give off a cool and calming vibe. Contrasting patterns in a striking orange bring a boldness and an air of sophistication befitting this waterfront treasure.

restaurant setting

Connecting Indoors and Out: Rhapsody Beachside Cafe

A few blocks north of Hyde Paradiso sits the Rhapsody BeachSide Cafe, opposite the iconic Surfers Paradise beach. The design brief to TT|DS was to create a stylish yet laid-back eatery to welcome surfers, families, sandy-pawed pets and guests from Rhapsody Resort next door.

“The café is a post-beach destination, so it was important that it was not only stylish and inviting, but would also stay sophisticated and chic, even with the challenging weather conditions here on the coast,” said Sonya.

navy umbrella

Pairing two 3Beaches collections, TT|DS designed the open-air lounge to withstand the test of sun, wind, and the all-too-often spills. To ensure the outdoor space was always comfortable for guests, TT|DS used Santa Barbara Designs umbrellas, with Sunbrella fade-resistant canopies, lined in 3Beaches Scallop pattern, to boldly punctuate the patio with shocks of 3Beaches navy blue and chic contrasting white trims.

restaurant looking outside to patio seating

An essential need of this project was to ensure the seamless integration of the outdoor patio with the interior aesthetic. The TT|DS team used 3Beaches inside and out, keeping the deep blue tones and pops of patterns as the staple to connect the two spaces.

“Bold blues against the crisp whites create a casual but upscale atmosphere,” said Niamh. “It was important that the space felt both approachable and well designed for seasons to come.”

poolside restaurant with blue upholstery

Following the TT|DS design installation at Rhapsody Beachside Café, TT|DS worked with Rhapsody Resort next door, to re-upholster its poolside and roof tops in 3Beaches famed designs, thereby aesthetically marring the established Rhapsody Resort with new comer, Rhapsody Beachside Café.

rooftop with white umbrella

To learn more about 3Beaches and TT|DS, visit and, and for more inspired design, follow @sunbrella on social channels!

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