White umbrellas over green pool chairsWhite umbrellas over green pool chairs

Sunbrella Fabrics for Umbrellas

Keep cool and stay comfortable with Sunbrella fabric on your patio umbrella.



White umbrellas over green pool chairsWhite umbrellas over green pool chairs

Let us help you create a more enjoyable outdoor space for everyone with Sunbrella fabrics for patio umbrellas. Umbrellas made with Sunbrella fabric help you and your guests stay cool under the shade with fabrics that are breathable, allowing water vapor to pass through and not trap heat.

  1. These Sunbrella upholstery fabrics have been verified in an independent laboratory and tested for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  2. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends certain Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.
Beige umbrella over grey pool chairs

Not only do umbrellas made with Sunbrella fabrics help provide relief from the sun, they add visual interest and beauty to your backyard or patio. Stay classic with a traditional market umbrella, make a statement with an off-set patio umbrella, or keep the sun out of your eyes at every angle with a tilted umbrella or a large square umbrella. Sunbrella has hundreds of colors and patterns for creating your perfect umbrella. Complement your Sunbrella umbrella with coordinating pillows and cushions to make your outdoor living area flow together.

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Why a Sunbrella Umbrella Is Different

With a Sunbrella umbrella, you don’t have to worry weather ruining your backyard BBQ or relaxing on the deck. Sunbrella fabrics are made to stand up to the sun, wind, and rain. Our fabrics are woven with highly durable fibers to ensure your Sunbrella umbrella will last for years without ripping or fraying. Sunbrella fabrics also will not fade, leaving your Sunbrella umbrella to maintain its style and color for all to enjoy.

  • Fade Proof & UV Resistant

    Durable Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with color and UV stabilized pigments, ensuring our fabrics won’t fade or become damaged due to the sun’s harsh rays or normal wear. Sunbrella fabrics, unlike ordinary fabrics, are solution-dyed with rich colors that stay brilliant over time no matter the environment.

  • Stain & Water-Resistant

    Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with built-in stain moisture resistance. With a protective finish that won’t wash away, even after daily use, Sunbrella fabrics stands up to life’s toughest messes.

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

    All Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to mold and mildew. Should exposure to dirt, debris, or other environmental elements cause mold or mildew to occur, simply spot clean with a bleach solution.

  • Easy to Clean

    Engineered to maintain their integrity, Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean. When life happens, blot spills with a clean, dry cloth and use mild soap and warm water to remove. For even the toughest messes, our fabrics are safe to clean with a diluted bleach solution.

  • Breathable Comfort

    Unlike some fabrics that trap heat in, Sunbrella fabrics allow air to pass through, creating a cool and comfortable boating experience for all.


5 Year Limited Warranty

10 Year Limited Warranty

Sunbrella fabrics are promise of quality, comfort, and peace of mind. We value making fabrics with complete performance that stand up to everyday life. That’s why Sunbrella stands behind its fabrics with a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery, decorative shade fabrics and specialty fabrics, and a 10-year limited warranty* for shade and marine fabrics.

*Other than those Sunbrella shade and marine products specifically listed under the 5-year warranty.


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  1. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Navy (5439-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 5439-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  2. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Granite (5402-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 5402-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  3. Sunbrella Upholstery Cast Ash (40428-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 40428-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  4. Sunbrella Upholstery Cast Oasis (40430-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 40430-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  5. Sunbrella Upholstery Posh Sapphire (44157-0053)
    Sunbrella Fusion
    SKU 44157-0053
    $62.95 / yard
  6. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Brick (5409-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 5409-0000
    $34.95 / yard
  7. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Fern (5487-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 5487-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  8. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Flax (5492-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 5492-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  9. Sunbrella Upholstery Principle Lagoon (16009-0002)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 16009-0002
    $59.95 / yard
  10. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Natural (5404-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 5404-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  11. Sunbrella Upholstery Bliss Dew (48135-0014)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 48135-0014
    $26.95 / yard
  12. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Ginkgo (54011-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 54011-0000
    $34.95 / yard
  13. Sunbrella Upholstery Cast Charcoal (40483-0001)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 40483-0001
    $29.95 / yard
  14. Sunbrella Upholstery Blend Indigo (16001-0001)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 16001-0001
    $47.95 / yard
  15. Sunbrella Upholstery Sailcloth Salt (32000-0018)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 32000-0018
    $55.95 / yard
  16. Sunbrella Upholstery Canvas Haze (14059-0054)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 14059-0054
    $29.95 / yard
  17. Sunbrella Upholstery Cast Pumice (48114-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 48114-0000
    $29.95 / yard
  18. Sunbrella Upholstery Dupione Deep Sea (8019-0000)
    Sunbrella Upholstery
    SKU 8019-0000
    $36.95 / yard
White umbrellas near patio White umbrellas near patio

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