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Sunbrella Shade Fabrics

Innovative shade fabrics for beautiful outdoor living.




Beat the Heat with Beautiful Sunbrella Shade Fabrics

Don’t let the blazing sun keep you from enjoying the outdoors

Sunbrella fabrics redefined the outdoor experience in the 1960s with durable and functional awnings. Decades later our versatile fabrics are still engineered with innovative technology and designed in an extensive range of colors and styles to ensure it fits your needs. Create a comfortable and protective outdoor retreat with awnings, canopies and pergolas featuring Sunbrella shade fabrics.  

  1. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends certain Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage.
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Enhance your outdoor space with awnings, canopies and pergolas featuring beautiful and protective Sunbrella shade fabrics. Choose from a large portfolio of timeless styles designed to stand out on their own, or perfectly coordinate with cushions, pillows and outdoor furniture featuring Sunbrella fabrics. Whatever outdoor oasis you're creating, make a statement with Sunbrella fabrics.

Sapphire Blue

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  • UV Protective & Fade Resistant

    Durable Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with color and UV stabilized pigments, ensuring our fabrics won’t fade or become damaged due to the sun’s harsh rays or normal wear. Sunbrella fabrics, unlike ordinary fabrics, are solution-dyed with rich colors that stay brilliant over time no matter the environment. 

  • Stain & Water-Resistant

    Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with built-in stain moisture resistance. With a protective finish that won’t wash away, even after daily use, Sunbrella fabrics stands up to life’s toughest messes.

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

    All Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to mold and mildew. Should exposure to dirt, debris or other environmental elements cause mold or mildew to occur, simply spot clean with a bleach solution.

  • Easy to Clean

    Engineered to maintain their integrity, Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean. When life happens, blot spills with a clean, dry cloth and use mild soap and warm water to remove. For even the toughest messes, our fabrics are safe to clean with a diluted bleach solution.


5 Year Limited Warranty

10 Year Limited Warranty

Sunbrella fabrics are promise of quality, comfort, and peace of mind. We value making fabrics with complete performance that stand up to everyday life. That’s why Sunbrella stands behind its fabrics with a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery, decorative shade fabrics, and specialty fabrics, and a 10-year limited warranty* for shade and marine fabrics.

*Other than those Sunbrella shade and marine products specifically listed under the 5-year warranty.


Awnings, Canopies, and Pergolas

Awnings, Canopies, and Pergolas
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5 Products

  1. Sunbrella Plus Natural (8404-0000)
    Sunbrella Plus
    SKU 8404-0000
    $4.00 / sample
  2. Sunbrella Plus Toast (8428-0000)
    Sunbrella Plus
    SKU 8428-0000
    $4.00 / sample
  3. Sunbrella Plus Captain Navy (8446-0000)
    Sunbrella Plus
    SKU 8446-0000
    $4.00 / sample
  4. Sunbrella Plus Black (84008-0000)
    Sunbrella Plus
    SKU 8408-0000
    $4.00 / sample
  5. Sunbrella Plus Cadet Grey (84030-0000)
    Sunbrella Plus
    SKU 8430-0000
    $4.00 / sample
Sunbrella shade fabrics featuring bluesSunbrella shade fabrics featuring blues

Where to Buy Sunbrella Awning, Canopy, and Pergola Fabrics

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