Tan and gray yarns and patterned fabrics and ropeTan and gray yarns and patterned fabrics and rope

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Discover hundreds of expertly crafted fabrics, beautifully designed with lasting strength, saturated color, and cleanability built in.


Fabrics Featuring Paisleys

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Explore our paisley patterns in a variety of colors.

Our paisley patterns feature rich textures and a range of colors, so it’s easy to incorporate these paisley fabrics into different décor themes.

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  1. United Fabrics Mahalo-17-Chino (Mahalo-17-Chino)
    SKU Mahalo-17-Chino
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  2. United Fabrics Mahalo-25-Equinox (Mahalo-25-Equinox)
    SKU Mahalo-25-Equinox
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  3. United Fabrics Mahalo-38-Hibiscus (Mahalo-38-Hibiscus)
    SKU Mahalo-38-Hibiscus
    $0 no-price-label
  4. United Fabrics Mahalo-97-Whirlpool (Mahalo-97-Whirlpool)
    SKU Mahalo-97-Whirlpool
    $0 no-price-label
samples of bright colored fabricssamples of bright colored fabrics

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