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Sunbrella® Horizon®

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Sunbrella Horizon

Best protection against microbial pinking.

Sunbrella is charting new waters and redefining the boating experience with the brand’s first engineered synthetic leather, Sunbrella Horizon. Crafted to meet the Sunbrella brand quality standard, this revolutionary marine upholstery textile features an industry-leading 3-year warranty against microbial pinking, to which its proprietary topcoat has a powerful resistance. Its knit-backed construction also promotes incredible 4-way stretch and recovery action. Sunbrella Horizon is perfectly designed in 30 different styles to match the artistry and craftsmanship of other Sunbrella products.

Season after season, Sunbrella Horizon protects your boat and stays beautiful, so you can focus on enjoying the wind, waves, and good company.

  • Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are GREENGUARD® certified for low chemical emissions, contributing to healthy indoor air quality.

Textil Cadet Grey

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Capriccio Mediterranean

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Capriccio Cadet Grey

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Performance is matched only by design with Sunbrella Horizon. Available in 23 colorways and two distinct embossing patterns, Sunbrella Horizon covers a diverse palette.

Textil has a woven textural embossing that comes in 7 neutral colors ranging from ivory to navy.

Capriccio has a smooth texture and is offered in 23 colorways spanning a spectrum of hues.

Seamlessly matching the color system used in Sunbrella woven marine fabrics, you can easily coordinate every interior and exterior boat application with Sunbrella Horizon.


Premium Performance on the Water

  • Resists Microbial Pinking

    Sunbrella Horizon’s proprietary top coat ensures exceptional bacterial stain-resistant performance and protection against pink stains, featuring the only 3-year warranty against microbial pinking in the marine industry.

  • Proven Durability

    Engineered to be long-lasting with unwavering strength, Sunbrella Horizon marine vinyl fabric exceeds industry standards for durability without feeling heavy or stiff.

  • 4-Way Stretch & Recovery

    Knit-backed construction allows for easy fabrication and provides excellent 4-way stretch to prevent misshaping and maintain long-term comfort and performance.

  • Ultra-Soft Hand

    Sunbrella Horizon’s durability is complemented by its incredible softness and comfort, making it an industry best.

  • Color and Design Variety

    Sunbrella Horizon comes in 30 different styles, 23 color options, and 2 embossing patterns with a smooth, matte finish–seamlessly matching the color system used in Sunbrella woven marine fabrics to easily coordinate every interior and exterior boat application.

  • Resists Cold-Cracking

    In temperatures as low as -20°F, Sunbrella Horizon wards off brittleness.

  • Mold and Mildew Resistant

    Sunbrella Horizon has remarkable resistance to mold and mildew due to its proprietary top coat.

  • UV & Fade Resistant

    Sunbrella Horizon is manufactured with highly UV-stable pigments, making it resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.

  • Bleach Cleanable

    Sunbrella Horizon is safe to clean and disinfect using a bleach solution without the worry of damaging its look, feel, or durability.

  • Easy to Clean

    Sunbrella Horizon’s unique finish stops messes at the surface, making it easy to wipe clean. Get More Cleaning Tips.


5 Year Limited Warranty

3 Year Limited Warranty

Product Warranty 

Sunbrella Horizon’s 5-year warranty covers loss of strength or color due to normal usage and exposure.

Microbial Pink Staining Warranty

Sunbrella Horizon’s industry-leading 3-year warranty protects against microbial pinking.

Any warranty claim in the first 3 years may be eligible for up to $40 in labor costs per linear yard in addition to replacement product.

Horizon for Marine

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1-12 of 30 Fabrics

  1. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Aquamarine - 10200-0021
    SKU 10200-0021
    $4.00 / sample
  2. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Aruba - 10200-0022
    SKU 10200-0022
    $4.00 / sample
  3. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Azure - 10200-0020
    SKU 10200-0020
    $4.00 / sample
  4. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Black - 10200-0014
    SKU 10200-0014
    $4.00 / sample
  5. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Burgundy - 10200-0015
    SKU 10200-0015
    $4.00 / sample
  6. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Cadet Grey - 10200-0006
    SKU 10200-0006
    $4.00 / sample
  7. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Charcoal - 10200-0012
    SKU 10200-0012
    $4.00 / sample
  8. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Cloud - 10200-0002
    SKU 10200-0002
    $4.00 / sample
  9. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Doubloon - 10200-0023
    SKU 10200-0023
    $4.00 / sample
  10. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Dune - 10200-0009
    SKU 10200-0009
    $4.00 / sample
  11. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Flax - 10200-0005
    SKU 10200-0005
    $4.00 / sample
  12. Sunbrella Horizon - Capriccio Grey - 10200-0011
    SKU 10200-0011
    $4.00 / sample
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1-12 of 30 Fabrics