Viva la Summer: How to Draw Design Inspiration from Travel

When you travel, you tend to come back with more than you left with. Beyond the photos and souvenirs, traveling introduces you to new people, cultures, and lifestyles. Whether you’re a collector, a photo enthusiast, or a storyteller, once you return home, it’s time to figure out how to display your new travel memories and reflect the creativity new locales can inspire.


Interior design is a great way for travel enthusiasts to capture memories of travel. Whether it’s your favorite travel memory or a dream destination, weaving the colors, sights, and feel of a beautiful locale into your home is a great way to enhance your space and bring a joyful, welcoming atmosphere to your home.


Travel-Inspired Aesthetics

Sunbrella upholstery fabrics showcase beautiful, soft textures through the use of novelty yarns; a range of colors from muted neutrals to saturated hues; and bold designs paired with nuanced patterns. Our textile designers create styles that are inspired by memorable experiences and places, crafting unique points of view to showcase eye-catching atmospheres and aesthetics.


We’ve pulled some great examples of Sunbrella fabrics that call to mind distinct destinations and travel experiences. Check out our full upholstery collection to find the perfect fabric to evoke your favorite travel memories. 



Tropical Escape - Clock Out

Fabrics such as Clock Out evoke time spent under the shade of a palm tree, creating the feeling of subtle, graceful movement. Available in three distinct colorways, Clock Out Frond features a bold green paired with pale blue, a beautiful accent design with an homage to tropical views. Clock Out Indigo is a classic pairing of deep indigo and crisp white. Clock Out Cloud is a neutral pattern in soft linen and white for an understated style.  



Park Güell, Barcelona - Mixture Mirage

Inspired by the breathtaking tiled serpentine bench located in the Park Güell in Barcelona, Mixture Mirage merges structure and movement through the colorful fusion of a kaleidoscope of squares, giving it a whimsical energy that is grounded by the grid-like arrangement. The opposing twill weaves create saturated color as well as a subtle graphic on the surface of the fabric.  



Marrakech – Escape Denim

Escape Denim is a multicolored geometric jacquard inspired by the handmade textiles, rugs, and hand-painted tiles found in a bustling Moroccan market. Inspired by the colors and shapes found in the ancient mosaic tiles of the Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech, the ikat effect of the design gives this fabric a dynamic nature further accentuated by the contrast of the saturated and washed blues layered on a crisp, white background. 



Portofino – Gateway

Gateway is a playful, asymmetrical color-block-style stripe with new colorways inspired by European vacations. Gateway Tamale is reminiscent of the sunbaked hues paired with saturated accent colors seen while touring the Italian riviera. Seaside views of Portofino are captured in Gateway Coast, which pairs a crisp white with a range of blues. The lush green of olive groves and the surrounding countryside is found in the calming colors of Gateway Aloe



Beach - Momento

Momento is a highly textural, foundational textile with a channel-like ribbed surface that creates rhythm and movement, much like the rippled effect seen in sand on the beach. Woven with chunky boucle yarns, Momento adds softness and warmth in muted, neutral tones. Momento Snow is reminiscent of the white caps of waves, with Momento Parchment and Momento Dove capturing the tones of sunbaked beaches.


Design with Sunbrella

The Sunbrella Upholstery Collection features patterns that merge nostalgia with modern sensibilities, inviting you to escape through the mementos and décor you surround yourself with. Get started today and design your home to be reminiscent of your favorite destination with the help of Sunbrella.


Find inspiration with more ideas for indoor and outdoor living with Sunbrella fabrics and learn more about Sunbrella worry-free livability.