The Top 6 Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to Your Home

Temperatures are rising and it’s the time of year to start spending more days outdoors. Your outdoor checklist might be a good book, your gardening tools, or a cool beverage, but it should also include elements to keep you comfortable and protected from the sun.


For ideal comfort and protection in your outdoor spaces, consider adding a Sunbrella fabric shade structure to your home. Fabric shade structures add style and comfort to your outdoor areas with a variety of versatile options to meet your unique needs.


If you’re assessing the benefits of a fabric shade structure versus a permanent roof structure for your home this summer, we have a few tips for what to consider when weighing your options. 


A grey awning on an white houseA grey awning on an white house


1. Staying Cool

In the heat of the summer, people will flock to shade to stay cool while outdoors. Adding a shade structure to your home helps you create comfortable spaces where family and friends can play, socialize, or relax outdoors. Fabric shade structures bring the added benefit of breathable comfort, allowing air flow to keep shaded areas even cooler. 

A beige fabric pergola covering an outdoor patioA beige fabric pergola covering an outdoor patio


2. Protection From The Sun

Beyond the obvious benefit of comfort, shade structures also provide protection from harsh UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends certain Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen, to aid in preventing sun-induced skin damage. 


A grey house with black awningA grey house with black awning


3. Less Time Intensive

Adding a fabric shade structure to your home takes far less time to design, produce, and install than a major built-on addition. Choosing a fabric shade structure adds substantial benefits to your space and allows you to get back to enjoying your outdoor oasis as soon as possible.  


A blue fabric pergola covering an outdoor seating areaA blue fabric pergola covering an outdoor seating area


4. Less Expensive

Most fabric shade structure additions will cost significantly less than a permanent add-on to your home. Sunbrella Shade fabrics are also backed by the most comprehensive 10-year limited warranty in the industry. 


White awnings covering a poolside outdoor areaWhite awnings covering a poolside outdoor area


5. More Flexibility

Shade structures come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom designed to fit your exact needs from a variety of retailers. Make your awning do even more with a retractable option so you can enjoy protective shading in warmer weather to stay out of the sun or retract it back in the cooler seasons to enjoy the sunshine! 


Black and white striped fabric pergola covering a patioBlack and white striped fabric pergola covering a patio


6. Customizable Style

Sunbrella offers a large portfolio of beautiful, timeless shade fabrics. From muted neutrals to bold cabana stripes, Sunbrella has options to match any aesthetic or style.


Enjoy the Shade with Sunbrella

Enhance your outdoor sanctuary with protective and beautiful Sunbrella shade fabrics for your shade structure.


Try out the Sunbrella Shade Studio to envision what an awning with Sunbrella fabric could look like on your home and learn more about the benefits Sunbrella Shade fabrics.