Sunbrella Dimension Collection

Unveiled at Casual Market 2019, the Dimension Collection wowed attendees with striking new patterns and bold, complementary solids.
Unveiled at Casual Market 2019, the Dimension Collection wowed attendees with striking new patterns and bold, complementary solids.

The Dimension Collection: A Fusion of Texture and Pattern

The newest Sunbrella upholstery collection, the Dimension Collection, inspires creativity. Designed to explore the creative potential of familiar spaces, Dimension encourages you to think beyond the basics by layering color and pattern to create a space that is a reflection of you. Unique woven patterns and vibrant color combinations infuse both energy and movement into your design while pattern and shade forge new exploration of space and scale. Featuring nine new dynamic patterns in a variety of colors, the Dimension Collection has been expertly curated to transform your space through style and functionality.

A collection of Dimension fabrics featuring Expand Prep.
Dimension offers unique patterns and textures including Expand Prep that can be mixed in with other fabrics from Dimension to create a complete design.

Solids like Canvas, Cast, and Spectrum offer a robust foundation for your design and are the perfect base for complex patterned fabrics. These timeless fabrics imply simplicity and sturdiness in their solid color, and their versatility and durability make them transition easily, season after season.

Layers of fabric from the Sunbrella Dimension Collection in colors Smoke and Citronelle
Dimension Collection’s pattern Resonate, a contemporary interpretation of the classic Greek key pattern, featured in color Citronelle.

Complementary fabrics like Array, Resonate and Extent make a bold statement that plays with the eye. By incorporating shapes and visually complex patterns, these fabrics create the illusion of depth and multi-dimensional movement. Multi-directional weaving methods achieve a slight iridescent quality. Incorporating elements of these patterns through layering or repurposing existing objects with fabric creates a style that is uniquely you. 

Luxurious striped fabrics from Sunbrella’s Dimension Collection, featured in Indigo, Prep, Smoke, and Taupe.
Scale fabric in Indigo, Prep, Smoke, and Taupe

Patterns like Expand, Range and Scale elevate traditional stripes for a more exciting, refreshed interpretation of a basic pattern.

Pattern Layer, in colors Calypso, Caribbean, Dawn, and Smoke
Pattern Layer featured in Calypso, Caribbean, Dawn, and Smoke

Fabrics like Layer, Level and Platform serve as a support to elevate and transition your design in a way that implies movement through subtle application. Their complex weave structure engages the eye by combining the structure of a solid and the vibration of a pattern, resulting in a fabric that is multi-faceted without being overwhelming.

The Sunbrella Dimension collection, ranging from bold colors to subdued neutral tones.
The Dimension Collection is available in a wide range of colors and patterns that, when combined, create a beautifully unique look.

These revitalized fabrics come in a variety of colors, allowing you to take advantage of the versatility of warm neutrals or incorporate pops of color that amplify your unique style. Add a bold flare to your design by uniting vibrant colors like Sangria, Electric and Citronelle in your home for an instant style refresh or enjoy the timeless simplicity of soft neutrals like Dove, Smoke and Pumice. 

Layer combinations of complementary color, pattern and texture to experience the full effect of the collection, as they work together reinvigorate your space.