Spring Cleaning with Sunbrella

Now that springtime is officially here, it’s time to start preparing your outdoor space for longer days, warmer temperatures, and more time spent outside! Part of your spring-cleaning checklist should include your patio areas to prepare for the coming months spent outdoors. Cleaning is a breeze with Sunbrella fabrics on your furniture, awning, or umbrella. 


Outdoor patio dining area where a woman has spilled red wine sangria on a green and white striped cushion Outdoor patio dining area where a woman has spilled red wine sangria on a green and white striped cushion
Cleaning up spills is no problem with Sunbrella


Cleaning Outdoor Fabrics Made Easy 

Though Sunbrella is mold and mildew resistant, prolonged contact with water, dirt, or debris can cause mold or mildew to occur. At the end of the long winter months, it is important to assess your outdoor areas for any damage caused by the winter weather. If you do spot any stubborn stains, Sunbrella fabrics can be easily cleaned with a bleach solution. For more cleaning tips and tricks, see our detailed cleaning instructions.  
For everyday cleaning as we move into spring, Sunbrella Shade and Upholstery fabrics are always easy to clean. Simply spray with a mild cleaning solution of soap and water, clean lightly with a soft brush or cloth, and rinse well. We also recommend 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner, an all-in-one cleaning agent that works on all water-safe materials, including Sunbrella fabrics. 


303® Fabric Guard™ products shown in front of two pillows303® Fabric Guard™ products shown in front of two pillows
303® Multi-Surface Cleaner and Fabric Guard™ products are the perfect pairing for Sunbrella fabrics


Treating Your Outdoor Fabrics 
Though Sunbrella fabrics are water-resistant, fade-resistant and mold and mildew-resistant, after repeated thorough cleanings or years of use and exposure, you may choose to refresh your fabrics with an appropriate retreating agent. We recommend 303® Fabric Guard™ to keep your Sunbrella protected and looking it's best. The unique formula provides a shield of protection over the fabric, supplying an added layer of defense against stubborn stains and boosting your peace of mind.  


An outdoor patio dining area with striped cushions and pillowsAn outdoor patio dining area with striped cushions and pillows
Your outdoor dining area can stay pristine all year with Sunbrella fabrics


Sit Back and Relax 
Preparing your patio for spring doesn’t have to be daunting. Sunbrella fabrics’ performance is engineered into the core of each fiber. Our solution-dyed fabrics maintain their rich color and unwavering strength through normal wear, exposure to natural light and the elements, and cleaning. You can sit back and enjoy with peace of mind knowing that Sunbrella fabrics are built to last through all seasons of life.  
Learn more about our easy-to-clean outdoor fabrics or find a retailer to start your springtime with Sunbrella.