2022 Design Trends

Design trends for 2022 are all about creating a sense of belonging. For this year, we’re anticipating strong neutral stories, diverse textures and patterns, and a return to colorways that evoke feelings of comfort and rejuvenation. By taking a more meaningful approach to your home’s aesthetic, you can create a space that’s uniquely your own yet distinctly fresh and familiar.  
Over the last year with people spending more time at home, we’re inspired by a sense of openness and freedom. Trends this year aren't about identifying just one trending colorway or pattern. It’s about creating unique pairings of complementary and contrasting colors and textures and reclaiming a style that leads us to create spaces that deepen relationships and bring us joy. 
Check out our design trends for 2022.
Warm and Earthy 


Warmer colorways are making a modern comeback.


Colors that provide an earthy energy and evoke a sense of nature are trending for 2022. Picture sunbaked hues, matted terracottas, and sunflower yellows that add warmth and depth for a welcoming embrace. Layering these hues with new fabrics like Principle Tropics or Detail Persimmon keep spaces feeling fresh. 


Platform Coral

Posh Coral

Principle Tropics

Heritage Dijon

Detail Persimmon 

Relate Persimmon

Spectrum Daffodil

Beaufort Yellow/White 6 Bar


These warmer colors are being used as an accent from pillows to cushions to umbrellas, and even to some standalone furniture pieces like ottomans and seating.  
Green and Grounded 


Earthy greens are surfacing as a new favorite color for spring 2022.


Green has always been a popular color, but it’s gaining momentum because of its versatility and range. In the past, there was an emphasis on bringing the best of indoors into outdoor spaces. But we’re now seeing a reversal of the trend, with uplifting greens and botanical motifs coming inside the home to invigorate everything from paint to pillows. 


Highlight Ivy

Cast Oasis

Reign Jungle

Ethos Frond

Sensibility Spring

Principle Lagoon

Relate Ivy

Cast Ivy


The uses of green are endless: sage-hued cabinets, emerald dining chairs, plant-like patterns on pillows, and striping on rugs. Green is all around us and grounds our spaces with a sense of security, comfort, and tranquility. There’s a renewed interest in all shades of green, especially in deeper tones like Cast Ivy, or in the subtle stripes found in Ethos Frond.  
Neutral and Monochromatic  


Evolved color schemes feature sophisticated tones and rich textures. Photo credit: Anita Yokota


Neutrals are a timeless trend, but this spring they’re going beyond white and carrying through to warmer hues like ivory and parchment. Entire spaces outfitted in monochromatic neutral tones are equal parts elegant and soothing, and layered textures through the use of pillows and blankets help create added depth and dimension. Higher performing materials are making neutrals an even more functional option: you can have your cake and eat it too, all on a Nurture White sofa. 


Platform Salt

Bliss Linen

Nurture White

Detail Linen

Sensibility Linen

Relate Linen

Cast Silver

Chartres Silk


If a modern neutral look is more your style, the juxtaposition between warm browns and cool grays is both polished and pristine and works well on accent pieces, as well as couches and chairs. 
Blue and Foundational 


Blues are effortlessly easy and approachable.


Just like your favorite pair of jeans, blue tones are chic and serene and have become a staple for homeowners and designers everywhere–everyone has at least one go-to blue. The wide range of blue influences, from soothing Canvas Haze to playful Model Harbor, can help create dynamic atmospheres while still feeling familiar.  


Canvas Haze

Nurture Indigo

Equal Ink

Model Harbor

Direction Dew

Detail Navy

Sensibility II Harbor 

Context Indigo


Heathered blues add softness, especially when used alongside a saturated navy tone. Blues are the new foundational color and can be used for everything from rugs to throw pillows, to foundational pieces like sofas, benches and chairs.  
Edgy and Classic 


Timeless black and white is limitlessly reimagined.


While this contrasting duo has never gone out of style, there’s an increased interest in ways to style black and white, from strong, bold stripes that make a statement to minimalistic grays and muted patterns that are ripe for layering. The enduring combo adds a dramatic element into any space and is especially easy to pair with a wide range of accent colors to make the space your own. 


Piazza White

Shibori Classic

Shore Classic

Cabana Classic

Centered Onyx

Dimple Smoke

Connection Onyx

Bliss Onyx


Consider classic black and white stripes like Shore Classic or a geometric pattern like Connection Onyx on curtains, awnings, umbrellas or rugs. Small-scale black and white patterns like Shibori Classic or Dimple Smoke have the flexibility to work on nearly any application, including pillows, upholstered furniture, or even desks. 


The Emerge Collection



In the Emerge collection, classic patterns are modernized and old and new hues alike are paired for a fresh take on the familiar. This new collection is full of new yarn colors, from calming blues to muted earth tones, all designed to be combined with contemporary neutrals. The collection reinterprets classic patterns with fabrics like Context, which brings an elevated chambray twist on the traditional check, and Detail, a sophisticated, textured reimagination of polka dots. Emerge is designed to be highly versatile and vibrant to bring every new vision to life. 
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