Refreshing Your RV Awnings

Extend your outdoor living space with a fresh new awning for your RV or camper! You can beat the heat this year and provide some SPF protection by giving a Sunbrella-style makeover to your RV or camper awning. 




First, consider how you use your RV to get the benefits most suited to your lifestyle. Are you a campground connoisseur or an adventurous off-roader? Are you living the #vanlife or are your RV trips a special occasion? Narrowing down your needs will help you decide whether you need an electric or manual awning. You may also find yourself choosing between a single- or double-wide solution. Window awnings will keep your interiors cooler and reduce energy costs, as well as provide a layer of privacy.  




Whether you’re interested in a timeless neutral, a bright solid, or a funky pattern or stripe, Sunbrella has seemingly limitless options. Sunbrella awning fabrics are fade proof and stain- and UV-resistant, which means your color choice will stay vibrant for years to come. 



Durability You Can Trust 

Since the 1960s, Sunbrella awning fabrics have set the mark for durability and ease of use. Our performance still holds up thanks to its innovative technology and vast range of color and pattern choices.  We also stand behind our products with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, so you can trust that your RV awning will last for years to come.  



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