Planning Your Shade Structures for Spring

Are you tired of being inside and dreaming of getting back out on the patio as soon as the weather improves? Then it’s time to prepare by beginning to plan for your return to the great outdoors! This year, up your game by considering how shade structures can define and improve your outdoor living spaces. By preparing now, you’ll be all set when it’s time to entertain outdoors again. 



Define Your Space

Adding a shade structure, whether it’s an umbrella or an awningadds definition to your outdoor space. Similar to the effect of a rug, a shade structure pulls your space together and makes it feel more polished 



Extend Your Living Areas

The ability to mingle in different areas is key for a thoughtfully designed home. Having a beautiful flow, even if it’s just for a family dinner on the patio, instantly elevates the sophistication of your home design. By adding an awning or pergola canopy, like this one from Forever Redwood, you can extend your living area into the great outdoors.   

Be sure to plan ahead this year to have the home of your dreams by summer! If you work with a fabricator now, your shade structure will be built just in time for the warmer weather!  

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