On Trend: Maximalism, Art Deco Style, and Eclecticism

Maximalism is a design trend that operates on the belief that more is more. While this style is not new, it has been seen in many variations throughout the years, it is currently back in a big way. The concept driving maximalism is to incorporate bold colors, vibrant patterns, layered textures, and tones in a strategically eclectic way. 



Mixing pieces and styles from different design periods can help to achieve this eclecticism, with maximalist interiors taking elements of Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, and other iconic design eras. With maximalism, individualistic abundance is key, with well-considered and bold color palettes, interesting prints, statement lighting, and curated accessories essential to creating the look.



Art Deco Upholstery: Vintage Modernism

The Art Deco design style is closely tied to the trend of maximalism. Art Deco is characterized by bold geometry, rich colors, exotic motifs, and opulent detail work – many key factors of the maximalist style.


Incorporating a few Art Deco-inspired pieces into a room can add visual interest and a unique ambiance to your décor. Textiles in Art Deco style are often strongly rhythmic with bold motifs and vivid, saturated colors like bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks.


To add an Art Deco flair to your space, try fabrics like: 

Muted red fabric swatchMuted red fabric swatch
Cast Pomegranate
Teal fabric swatchTeal fabric swatch
Pashmina Teal
Deep indigo plain fabric swatchDeep indigo plain fabric swatch
Canvas Ink
Black and white zebra print fabric swatchBlack and white zebra print fabric swatch
Namibia Black



Mid-Century Fabrics and Maximalism

While Mid-Century Modern can be characterized as a minimalist design style, it was the genesis of some of the most iconic and timeless motifs in interior design. The streamlined silhouette of mid-century modern furniture along with the decidedly retro design language create eye-catching statement pieces to incorporate into your maximalist décor.


The mid-century color palette is rooted in nature, with earthy greens, bright fall oranges and yellows, muddy browns, sea blue-greens such as aquamarine and teal, and deep clay red.


To add a Mid-Century flair to your space, try fabrics like: 

Yellow fabric swatchYellow fabric swatch
Heritage Dijon
Intricate patterned fabric swatchIntricate patterned fabric swatch
Marquetry Bora
Deep teal fabric swatchDeep teal fabric swatch
Pique Juniper
Bright chevron pattern fabric swatchBright chevron pattern fabric swatch
Fischer Lagoon



Dabito is a designer known for his creative use of color and the seamless mix of modern and vintage pieces. He designed this beautiful maximalist dining space with a Coventry 48” Bench from Ballard Designs upholstered in Sunbrella Canopy Stripe fabric in Lemon/White with a Moroccan Kilim Sunbrella Performance Pillow in Indigo, also from Ballard Designs. 



Create Your Own Maximalist Space with Upholstery Fabrics

Those who choose to decorate in the maximalist style are like curators of their own spaces, with a key tenant of the design style being to showcase a collection of goods you love. The design is for your own joy, incorporating well-considered and bold pieces that are visually stimulating and add interest to the overall design scheme.


If you’re looking for Art Deco style fabric, vintage modernism, or all of the above, browse our fabrics and get inspired with Design Ideas for your indoor and outdoor spaces.