Nuanced Neutrals

Comfort is an essential part of everyday life in the home, even more so with the pandemic. As we continue to spend more time at home, we’re seeing design trends  reflect a warm neutral color palette that inspires a sense of comfort and well-being while encouraging rest and relaxation. Whether you opt for classic beige or modern grey, one thing’s for sure: 2021 is all about soothing spaces.



Neutrals Don’t Have to Be Boring

Forget the old cliches of clinical white and drab taupe. Today’s neutrals are sleeker and more sophisticated than ever before, thanks to the variety of shades and textures that add dimension to a space. Neutrals are also extremely versatile, making a space more dynamic by mixing warm and cool neutral tones.

To create a sanctuary that doesn’t feel stark, start by layering different textures in neutral tones. The more texture you add, the more depth and interest will be added to your space.

Besides acting as an anchor to your design, neutrals can also play with the natural light of a room, subtly shifting hues at different times of the day when the light changes, adding a new perspective on your space.



Use Sunbrella Fabrics to Create Nuanced Neutrals

Rustic and ultramodern. Contemporary and retro. Today’s trending designs are all about working with juxtaposition to create a striking contrast. Our wide range of fabrics make it easy to create an adaptable foundation for any room. Novelty yarns add extra dimension to neutral colors, elevating your space and allowing you to experiment with different elements. Love the look of white and cream furniture? Stain-resistant Sunbrella fabrics make it easy to enjoy worry free style, no matter the space. These Sunbrella fabrics are a great starting place to create visual interest and bring depth to your design:

Cast Silver: A chambray weave utilizing heathered yarns that gives this fabric more depth and interest, making this beautiful fabric a grounding element to build on and bring your personal style to life through other accessories.


Nurture Pebble: An elegant texture featuring a loopy boucle yarn that is equally beautiful as it is soft. This nature-inspired texture will add warmth and comfort to any space.


Platform Salt: A plush chenille that features an irregular surface texture that mimics a sanded velvet and takes neutrals to new territory.


Dimple Vapor: Featuring a subtle ogee created with a chenille yarn, this fabric is a great coordinate texture that works well in transitional spaces and is perfect for layering.


Piazza White is a fresh and timeless linen texture that pairs well with everything and serves as a grounding component for any space.


Build a Nuanced Neutral Space

Neighbor Outdoor Furniture

Hi, Neighbor! We’re loving how Sunbrella fabrics look on this teak sofa.

Blu Dot

The Perch collection with Blu Dot offers a modern style with multiple options.



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