Layering Neutral Fabrics: A Wintry Mix

White fabrics aren’t just for winter, but warm neutral hues do offset the cold, dull weather that comes with the season. Sunbrella has a wide assortment of light neutral fabrics that help you create clean, bright living areas. We’ve chosen a few products from our retail partners to show you how you can design a comfortable, bright space to warm up your home through winter and beyond.


Brighten any room when you bring creams, whites and other neutrals together in your décor.


Warm Hues Indoors

Not only do creams, whites and other neutral shades create a clean, bright effect in a room, these tones inspire comfort and well-being, rest and relaxation. You can design a room that’s both sophisticated and soothing when versatile neutrals come into play.

Sunbrella offers a wide variety of shades and textures that work together to give your room dimension and depth. When you mix warm and cool neutral tones in contrasting textures, you add interest to the setting and elevate the style. Explore all the options and play with textures and colors to find the perfect balance for your home.


Layering a variety of neutral shades and textures takes everyday living to the next level.


Relax: Sunbrella Fabrics are Designed for Cleanability and Durability

When you furnish your home with Sunbrella indoor fabrics, you can relax and enjoy your space because Sunbrella fabrics are both durable and easy to clean. Engineered to resist stains and repel water, you can rest easy and enjoy snacks and drinks on your Sunbrella furniture. Sure…spills happen, especially in the winter when more time is spent indoors. When they do, our cleanability guide has all the answers to help you clean up quickly and easily, so you can get back to enjoying your time at home.


Relax with friends and family, snacks and drinks…Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are durable, easy to clean, and designed to be enjoyed.


Pristine Indoor Additions

See how neutrals can help you create a comfortable, inviting home. Here are just a few examples of furniture covered in Sunbrella fabrics and how to incorporate them in your home:



The Dracut 65” recessed arm loveseat and coordinating Palladino square pillow cover and insert from Wayfair work together to create a cozy, clean ambiance that’s ideal for both afternoon naps and game nights with the family. You’ll love the softness of the fabric when you curl up and relax. It’s also durable and easy to clean, great with kids, pets, and the occasional messes that happen.



Kick back and relax in the Capris You Design wood base chair and matching ottoman, available at Jordan’s. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite show of the moment, catching up on the latest page-turner for your book club, or simply enjoying family time, you’ll love the soft comfort and timeless design, featuring worry-free, easy-care Sunbrella fabric.


Sunbrella Neutrals: A Natural for Any Room

Learn more about indoor furniture that features Sunbrella fabrics and how they make living easier and more beautiful.