How to Make the Most of Your Transitional Space

Transitional spaces can create a seamless flow if you want to have an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. You also want all areas of your home, even the outdoors, to serve as a reflection of your space. By choosing all-weather fabrics, like ours at Sunbrella, and making purposeful choices that work to enhance your particular space, you can maximize your transitional areas. Our fabrics allow you to easily create a flow of color/design choices that bring fade-proof comfort to every area of the home! 



Consider the Use of the Space 

Transitional spaces like porches are ideal for overflow seating and dining. Spaces like screened-in porches are especially great for additional dining because you’re still protected from the elements. By knowing exactly how you’ll use the space—and there may be multiple uses—you can plan how best to design the area. Will you need a full dining table or more sofas? When you use Sunbrella fabrics to outfit your upholstery, you don’t need to worry about whether the area is technically indoor or outdoor—our fabrics can go anywhere! 



Create a Flow

When decorating transitional spaces, many of us think of it as an entirely separate décor venture. However, transitional spaces work best when they work in tandem with both your indoor and outdoor spaces. An easy way to achieve this is through mindful use of color and thematic elements, or by making an awning work to your advantage. An awning, outdoor curtains, or other shade structure work well for achieving a cohesive look that feels pulled together and polished.  



Bring the Indoors Outside—or Vice Versa 

To elevate your outdoor style, think of your patio or porch as an extended living area. Sure, you could simply put out a couple of anoraks with some cute pillows and call it a day. Or you could create a space that showcases your unique style by adding a rug, an ottoman, and some mindfully positioned planters. By putting in a little extra effort, your transitional areas will feel more like an intentional part of your home’s design. 

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