How to Layer Patterns for a Joyful Maximalist Look

With bright, sunny days and warm, cozy nights, it’s time to bring new life to your outdoor living space for summer. Personalize your space this summer by incorporating bold details with mixed-and-matched patterns for a truly unique space that represents your own personal style.


Our curated collection of throw pillows from Terrain is the perfect inspiration for your outdoor living area this season. 



Layer patterns to create depth and bring richness to your space. Pair thoughtful pattern-clashing and extravagant details to create a truly unique space for your home.  



The Indigo Florals Outdoor Pillow, Indigo Geo Outdoor Pillow, Indigo Grid Outdoor Pillow, and Indigo Diamond Outdoor Pillow from Terrain pair beautifully with shades of blue and indigo brought to life in eye-catching patterns that complement one another.  


Gateway Tamale
Create Guava
Voyage Tamale
Clock Out Cloud


Choose patterns of varying scale and size to add texture and richness to your space. Use colors of varying shades for added depth. Shop coordinating patterns in bold shades of coral and neutral beige like Gateway Tamale, Create Guava, Voyage Tamale, and Clock Out Cloud



The Dotted Dandelion Outdoor Pillow, Leafy Tropics Outdoor Pillow, Seafoam Grid Outdoor Pillow, and Olive Fan Outdoor Pillow from Terrain tie together shades of yellow and green with pops of coral, pink, and blue for a lively mix of tropical hues.



For Sunbrella, home is the backdrop of daily life that supports memories, change, and growth with the people we love the most. It is where we exhibit our personal style, experiment, and push the limits of our own imaginations. Celebrate what makes your home uniquely you with styles built to last for all of life’s best moments.


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