How To Design Your Outdoor Living Space

Everyone loves to enjoy their outdoor spaces in the summertime, but who said that patio living has to end when the weather begins to drop? This year, we are seeing a shift in focus on redesigning outdoor living spaces that are equally as gorgeous as indoor spaces to allow year-round utilization of your exterior spaces.

Backyard barbeques or relaxing with a glass of wine fireside with friends and family are a great way to enjoy the warm weather months, but nothing spoils the fun more than having worn furniture, not enough seating, or even outdated patterns. If you are looking to revamp your outdoor space, check out these helpful tips from Sunbrella so you don’t settle for any trade-offs.

Backyard design with neutral Sunbrella fabrics and retractable shade awning
Backyard design with neutral Sunbrella fabrics and retractable shade awning

Putting Performance First

Fighting the various weather challenges that come with the changing seasons can be difficult, which is why the most important aspect to designing a space that can be utilized throughout the year, is designing with performance top-of-mind. Keeping your fabrics timeless season-after-season in both design and durability can become a tedious task if you are not investing in your outdoor furniture pieces. With Sunbrella’s stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and easy-to-clean fabrics, outdoor entertainment can be possible year-round to meet your needs.

Choosing durable patio furniture doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design and style. Our outdoor upholstery fabrics have a wide-range of textures, patterns, and colors to make your vision come to life.

Teak wood outdoor patio furniture set by the pool with neutral Sunbrella outdoor upholstery fabric cushions and pillows
Teak and Table designs luxurious durable outdoor furniture using versatile Sunbrella fabrics.

Designing with Timeless Neutral Hues

You may be thinking, why would I invest in long lasting outdoor furniture if my design taste might change in a couple of years? No worries! We recommend designing a space with neutral and solid hues as the foundation, so that if your style switches up, you don’t have to start from scratch. Neutral and soft hues are the perfect base to compliment any design style and space.

Picking durable, neutral fabrics interwoven with comfortable luxury allows your furniture to withstand any winter storm or spring downpour, without compromising the timeless style. Sunbrella whites redefine the technology of performance fabrics as they not only last season after season, but also maintain their crisp, cool color.

Outdoor living space with white Sunbrella outdoor upholstery fabrics
Summer Classics uses Sunbrella white upholstery fabric as the foundation for a bold, contemporary design.

Rotate Your Accent Pieces

As the seasons change, spice up your outdoor patio design without breaking the wallet by adding bold accents pieces, such as eclectic accent pillows, eye-catching umbrellas and shading, or whimsical weather-proof outdoor drapery. Don’t be afraid to get creative with different colors and patterns that makes neutral hues pop. Statement pieces can also be as easy as can picking seasonal flowers to plant to enclose your backyard in a cozy aroma of flowers.

Outdoor living space with a white outdoor sofa and Sunbrella shade sail fabric
Add a unique touch to your backyard space with Sunbrella shade sail fabric like @d2dd_nl does to create a beautiful design.

Know the Right Time to Buy

Redesigning outdoor spaces can be costly, but if you know when the best time to buy patio furniture is, then you can hit the jackpot with saving. As the weather begins to cool off, Labor Day is the perfect time to shop for the lowest prices while still having time to enjoy the new sets in the more temperate weather and your personalized backyard haven.

You also don’t have to completely remodel your backyard in order to level-up on design. Try updating your favorite outdoor furniture pieces with new cushions, so you aren’t putting as big of a commitment into the process.

Show off your spaces all year long and become the go-to outdoor entertainment host for your friends and family. Check out Sunbrella’s high-performance outdoor upholstery fabrics to keep your new furniture looking good as new all year long.