How to Coordinate Your Marine Upholstery with Sunbrella

Your boat should be the best-looking craft on the water. Make it happen by choosing Sunbrella Horizon marine vinyl, the latest marine offering from Sunbrella that’s designed with style and quality in mind. ​  


sunbrella marine upholsterysunbrella marine upholstery
Horizon marine vinyl allows you to achieve a modern look that’s durable and comfortable.


What is Sunbrella Horizon?​ 

Sunbrella Horizon is our first ever marine vinyl. Created to meet the Sunbrella brand quality standard, this revolutionary marine product features:​ 

  • Best protection against microbial pinking: Sunbrella Horizon not only provides remarkable resistance, but also comes with the most comprehensive microbial pinking warranty in the industry. ​
  • Weather, mold, and mildew resistance 
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable​ 
  • Easy-to-clean and bleach cleanable​ 
  • UV and fade resistance 
  • Plus so much more!​ 
marine upholsterymarine upholstery
Sunbrella Horizon: Marine vinyl that’s comfortable and stylish.


Sunbrella Horizon is designed in 30 different styles to match other Sunbrella products. You can coordinate your entire boat to be sleek and stylish. Use Sunbrella Horizon to match your existing tops and covers fabric or use Sunbrella marine upholstery to create accessories to match your hardware and color schemes. ​ 


horizon marine vinylhorizon marine vinyl
Horizon is offered in over 30 colors!


To add Sunbrella Horizon to your boat, work with your local fabricator. The possibilities are endless!​ 
Coordinating with Upholstery ​ 

As more people consider their boats an extension of their homes, making the space more comfortable has become a priority.​ Sunbrella Horizon is a marine vinyl that serves as a great base fabric for on-board seating. We offer options for different textures and a wide range of colors to get started.​ Our upholstery fabric can be used to create pillows, cushions, throws, and more to create the perfect home away from home – on your boat! 


Fabrics featured in this image include Adaptation Indigo, Capriccio Navy, Enrich Indigo, Shore Navy, Capriccio Doubloon, Jibe Sunshine, Capriccio Ivory, and Textil White.



Fabrics featured in this image include Point of Sail Navy, Scale Indigo, Extent Vintage, Depth Smoke, Scale Taupe, Capriccio Heather Beige, Capriccio Toast, and Capriccio Cloud.



Fabrics featured in this image include Refine Indigo, Midori Indigo, Capriccio Mediterranean, Capriccio Sky, Depth Indigo, Dinghy Navy, Lido Indigo, Capriccio Aruba, Capriccio White, Capriccio Pacific Blue, and Capriccio Salt.


Set Sail with Horizon​ 

No matter where your boat takes you, it should take you there in style. Our broad selection of fabric solutions allows you to deck your entire boat in Sunbrella for a worry-free lifestyle
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