How to Clean Your Sunbrella Sofa Fabric

We get it: messes happen. Living a full life includes spills, but it doesn’t have to include stains when you outfit your sofa with Sunbrella fabrics. With our impressive warranty and easy-to-clean durability, we’ve got you covered. 


how to clean indoor upholstery fabrichow to clean indoor upholstery fabric
Light colored upholstery? No problem!


No-Fear Neutrals

Light colors are trending for indoor upholstery, thanks to the Instagram-friendly backdrop they provide. Whether you have a family or tend to eat on the sofa, white can be downright frightening, especially when making an investment as substantial as a sofa. When you choose Sunbrella fabrics, you won’t have to stress about removing nail polish, gum, or ink. In most cases, you simply need dishwashing liquid and some warm water. Check out our How to Clean page to navigate exactly how to clean Sunbrella fabric.  


family friendly upholstery fabricfamily friendly upholstery fabric
Active families require easy-to-clean fabrics.


Family-Friendly Fabrics

Having an active family means life can seem to move 100 miles an hour. If you find yourself frantically Googling “how to get ink (or paint or glue or slime or crayon or pencil or silly putty…) off of fabric,” it’s time to switch to Sunbrella. Then, you won’t have to worry about your sofa being ruined. All you need to do is plug in your issue (like chocolate or blueberries) in our nifty How to Clean tool and you’ll be in the clear in no time. You can usually find what you need around the house, like white vinegar or dishwashing liquid, to remove the mess and easily clean your furniture fabric. 


how to sanitize furniturehow to sanitize furniture
Using Sunbrella makes sanitizing easy!


Safety with Sanitizing

With COVID-19 still looming large over our lives, we’ve all come to think much more about the surfaces that we touch. Because our performance qualities are engineered into the core of our fabrics, they can easily stand up to chemicals. That means you can clean and sanitize your Sunbrella sofa fabrics with bleach and other cleaners without losing color or degrading your furniture. Our sofa fabrics withstand years of heavy cleaning without voiding our comprehensive warranty, so your family can lounge comfortably—and in style!