How to Beat the Sticky Messes of Summer

With summer comes fun in the sun, and with fun in the sun comes unexpected messes! Whether you’re enjoying a hotdog at the family cook out or your kids are cooling off with a popsicle by the pool, sometimes spills are inevitable. When you choose Sunbrella fabrics, you can be worry-free all summer long, thanks to our easy-to-clean and spill resistant fabrics. 


how to clean ketchup spillhow to clean ketchup spill
Ketchup and mustard spills no longer need to take you out of the moment when enjoying a family cookout! Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean.


The Messes of Summer ​ 

Summer is about relaxing and spending quality time with the family, not for worrying about messes and keeping your furniture clean.​ So let that sunscreen sink in, pour some wine for yourself, and serve the kids some yummy ice cream because Sunbrella fabrics stand up to any tough mess or spill. ​ 


how to clean ice creamhow to clean ice cream
Let the kids enjoy grape popsicles on light-colored, worry-free Sunbrella fabrics.


Deck your outdoor kitchen, poolside lounge area, or outdoor living space in Sunbrella fabric and bring the joy of a peaceful environment to the outside of your home. ​Whether it’s a poolside PB&J, a ketchup cleanup from the BBQ, or one of grandma's signature pies for the family cookout, you can rest assured knowing that Sunbrella makes messy clean-ups a breeze. ​ 


how to clean berry stainhow to clean berry stain
Berry stains are no match for durable, easy-to-clean and stain resistant Sunbrella fabrics.


Sunbrella Cleanability ​ 

Sunbrella fabrics are well known for benefits that create a comfortable and carefree lifestyle. Our fabrics are resistant to stains, mold and mildew, and weather and water. Plus, they’re fade proof! This keeps your outdoor furniture, umbrellas, pillows, and rugs looking like new year after year. ​ 


how to clean winehow to clean wine
Wine spill on your white sofa? Let our cleaning guide help you get the mess out quickly and effectively!


When it comes to messes and spills, cleanability is essential to keeping fabrics fresh. The best way to keep Sunbrella fabrics looking like new is to clean up spills as soon as they happen, so you can get back to fun in the sun even faster.  The quicker you clean spills and stains, the easier they can be to remove. Most ​spills can be cleaned with a simple soap and water solution, but we can walk you through how to clean the toughest messes with our cleanability guide. Sunbrella also recommends the residue-free 303 Multi-Surface cleaner as an option when messes occur to leave your surfaces looking like new. 


Take poolside relaxation to the next level with Sunbrella fabrics.


Enjoy Your Summer with Sunbrella 


Learn more about why so many people trust Sunbrella to take care of their messes. ​Find a retailer to start your summer off right, with stain-resistant fabrics for a worry-free home. ​