Collection Spotlight: Fusion

Fusion is the latest of our curated collections. It consists of tonality and unexpected expressions of design that add depth and life to any indoor or outdoor space.

pet friendly sunbrella upholstery fabric
Our new Fusion Collection provides unexpected design delights while standing up to everyday needs, like pet stains.

This diverse grouping of styles and textures are uniquely different in aesthetic, yet layer seamlessly. You’ll find novelty patterns, classic motifs, and an array of texture and color options. This collection is designed to give you room to play, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new.

As with all Sunbrella fabrics, you can expect softness and comfort, along with a synergistic blend of artistry and performance. Fusion offers versatile design and style possibilities for any upholstery project using fabrics that are engineered to look beautiful, feel comfortable, and maintain their quality and durability.

pink and white stripe upholstery fabric
Softness and comfort come into play in our Fusion collection.

Some elements you’ll find in Fusion:

Handsome Neutrals

These aren’t your everyday neutrals. They’re designed to inspire sophistication and comfort, and include new takes on chevron, railroaded geometric patterns and tweed textures.

Eclectic Blends

Encourage pops of color by layering a bold geometric pattern with playful stripes and solid textures!

Artisanal Delights

Warm greys are brought together beautifully with subtle patterns and a mélange of textures for a soft, relaxed atmosphere.

Monochromatic Bliss

A balance of varying textures, scales and patterns adds depth, complexity and visual interest.

Nurtured by Nature

Within Fusion, you’ll find a space with a fresh layering of tonal greens where novel greenery and bamboo jacquards meet cilantro and ivy shades of textured wovens.

Chic and Clever

A classic black and white color palette helps to highlight small-scale Shibori with polished textures, geometric cuts or a marble motif.

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