Exploring Coordinates For Your Aesthetic

We no longer live in a time where there’s a singular pattern, color, or style that’s trending; in 2020, it’s all about celebrating different looks and textures. Many of the most interesting spaces are the ones that feel the most personalized. Achieving a look that has character and a story is easy. Use your designer’s eye to play with textures, layering, and complementary colors. With fresh stripes and contemporary geometrics, our Dimension collection is ripe for coordinating different looks that add visual interest to your home.

Layer with Textures

textured Sunbrella upholstery fabric
Layer different textures for showstopping results.

Using the same tones is a good place to start when layering with textures. By choosing different fabrics in the same tonal family, you can create dimension in your space. Adding in solid colors with elevated textures grounds the room while providing a sophisticated touch.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Striped uphostery fabric
A pop of color goes a long way!

Mixing different scales and textures already goes a long way, but adding an unexpected pop of color, like the sunset orange in the image above, is a design technique that can instantly liven up a space and adds visual interest to a room. It’s approachable, yet playful, and looks especially fresh when layered tastefully with stripes and geometrics.

Explore Your Creativity

Sunbrella upholstery fabric
Don’t box yourself in. Modern designs call for creativity.

Today’s trending designs embrace being more experimental and having fun. It’s all about creating juxtaposition and balance in a space by mixing and matching materials, pattern, and scale in an unexpected and interesting way. This ultimately creates livable, comfortable environments that feel personalized. A fabulous way to do this is layering with textures to bring dimension to your space. Including a common thread, like a colorway, is a sure way to create visually pleasing designs.