Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Window Seat Cushion

Having a window seat in your home is a wonderful bespoke feature that adds a beautiful gateway between your indoor and outdoor spaces. When it comes to a window seat, you want to create a comfy zone with an incredible view. If you are looking for the best fabric to cover cushions for window seats, there are a few things you need to be aware of when making your choice. 


A window seat bench with patterned fabric cushion and pillowsA window seat bench with patterned fabric cushion and pillows
Sunbrella fabrics are durable for years of use, even in direct sunlight like this window seat cushion with coordinating pillows.


Best fabric for window seat cushion

When planning for your indoor window seat space, it is important to think of it as another chair in your room. It is important to have a durable, long-lasting fabric like Sunbrella that will continue looking beautiful through many years of use. Your window seat cushion will also be exposed to direct sunlight, making fade resistance and UV resistance essential. Our Color to the Core™ technology makes Sunbrella performance fabrics inherently fade resistant, UV protective, and durable, maintaining color and quality through cleaning, wear, and exposure to direct sunlight or the elements.


Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are easy to clean with water and stain resistant technology, keeping your cushions looking like new through dirt, spills, and years of use. Our complete performance standard makes Sunbrella the perfect window seat cushion fabric, ensuring you can enjoy your living space in comfort without worrying about life’s messy moments.  


A girl sitting in a window seat reading a bookA girl sitting in a window seat reading a book
A kids playroom is a great place for bright, bold colors and patterns for your window seat cushion.


Customization & Fabric Choices

Adding a window seat to your home provides many options for customizing your space. Window seats often have storage underneath or shelves for books and trinkets, so it's a great utilitarian space addition to your kitchen, living, or dining room.


Not all window seats are the same size and shape, you can have a window seat customized to fit your exact space and style. If you are looking to DIY your own window seat cushion, break out your sewing machine and check out our helpful guide with tips and tricks for How to Sew with Sunbrella Fabrics


A bold pattern on your window seat cushion paired with contrasting pillows makes for an eye-catching addition to your space.


Colors & Pattern

If your window seat nook is a place you like to read and relax, it's a good idea to select fabric colors that are calming. A window seat cushion in a kid’s bedroom or playroom can be more playful, with bright colors and patterns bringing a cheerful style to the room. If you want a dramatic statement piece in your space, choose a window seat fabric in a contrasting color or a bold pattern, drawing the eye with a striking design. Sunbrella offers a wide range of colors and patterns with a style to match whatever space you have in mind. 


A window seat bench with blue fabric cushion and blue and white pillowsA window seat bench with blue fabric cushion and blue and white pillows
Window seats add extra seating, utility, and storage to a space with a customized, unique style.


Comfort & Feel

With Sunbrella performance fabrics, exceptional comfort and unmatched durability go hand in hand. Our complete performance makes Sunbrella fabrics tough enough for lasting performance while being soft and cozy for applications like indoor furniture, pillows, and window seat cushions. Sunbrella performance fabrics include many different weaves and surface textures, all with softness and durability woven into each fiber. Sunbrella performance fabrics are the perfect choice for creating comfortable spaces to enjoy for years to come.


Explore Sunbrella Fabrics for Window Seat Cushions

Browse our indoor upholstery fabrics to get inspired with the styles and colors you can bring to your window seat cushion fabric. Find a retailer or upholsterer to get started shopping for a custom window seat cushion today!