Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living

As summer comes to a close, you may think your time enjoying your outdoor space is ending. But who’s to say you can enjoy outdoor living all year long? Over the past few years, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces has been a growing trend in architecture and interior design. Why are these indoor-outdoor spaces so popular? Simply put, they come with several benefits.


Including a transitional indoor-outdoor space to your home makes for easier entertaining, brings you closer to nature, and can increase your home’s value.  


An open concept living room and kitchen with large glass doors leading to an outdoor patioAn open concept living room and kitchen with large glass doors leading to an outdoor patio
An open walkway between indoor and outdoor spaces makes your home both look and feel bigger.


For the Entertainer

Including a transitional space, or a space that blends indoor and outdoor elements in your home design, gives you a larger living space. This blending of indoor and outdoor spaces makes for a seamless experience when hosting friends and family, allowing you to host more people at the same time without splitting up into different rooms. It also gives flexibility to your guests; they can choose to sit inside or outside without feeling isolated from others. 


Backyard pool area with seating and a firepitBackyard pool area with seating and a firepit
Having various spaces for guests to gather is a key benefit of transitional living spaces, like in Giada DeLaurentiis’ backyard and detached pool house. Image provided by Giada DeLaurentiis.


For the avid entertainer, your indoor-outdoor space should have comfortable seating for all occasions, whether that’s lounging or dining. You might have a dining table and chairs in one outdoor area for eating, an outdoor bar or kitchen for cooking and serving, or a large sectional sofa for conversations with family and friends. Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean so your outdoor fabrics will continue to look fresh and new after hosting guests in your transitional living space. 


A patio with a cushioned bench and greenery in the backgroundA patio with a cushioned bench and greenery in the background
An open air patio allows you to enjoy nature while having space to escape the elements.


For the Nature-Lover

When you combine your indoor and outdoor spaces, you make the natural world more accessible, even in urban environments. You’ll be able enjoy better views of nature from the comfort of your transitional space. If you love having a home filled with natural light, a blended living space provides much more daylight than windows alone.


Choosing high-quality performance fabrics like Sunbrella keeps your indoor and outdoor seating looking beautiful through all seasons with built-in stain, water, and weather resistance.


Outdoor covered seating area with swing beds and a fireplaceOutdoor covered seating area with swing beds and a fireplace
Create a space you’ll never want to leave with comfy seating and unique elements like statement lighting or a fireplace. Designed by Tiffany Thompson.


For the Homebody

If you want a getaway but don’t have the time for a full vacation, transitional living spaces provide a retreat right in your own backyard. Investing time and energy into your own home, you can create your own personal oasis with an indoor-outdoor living space that is catered to your own wants and needs. Not to mention, because this trend is so popular, having an indoor-outdoor area in your home can increase its value, should you decide to sell. 


A pergola covering a patioA pergola covering a patio
A pergola helps extend your indoor space to the outdoors, with added comfort and protection from the sun.


Consider a shade structure made with Sunbrella fabric to add comfort to your transitional living space. You want to enjoy your indoor-outdoor space whenever the mood strikes you, not only in good weather. Adding an awning, pergola, or umbrella will help to provide shade and protection from the sun so you can spend more time enjoying your transitional living spaces. 


A covered patio with a swing bed, spiral staircase, and french doors leading inside a homeA covered patio with a swing bed, spiral staircase, and french doors leading inside a home
French doors are a beautiful architectural feature that let in natural light and create an open path between indoor and outdoor spaces. Image provided by Berlin Gardens.


Embrace the Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle with Sunbrella

Coordinate your indoor and outdoor décor to keep a seamless flow throughout your home. Sunbrella fabrics are beautifully crafted for a soft, inviting style while being tough enough to handle the elements.


Browse Sunbrella fabrics for a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns and get inspired with design tips for indoor and outdoor living