Designer Spotlight: Heather Scott Designs

Heather Scott Designs recently used Sunbrella fabrics to transform a client’s home into a dreamy, tranquil space that is both stylish and functional. 



“My lifelong passion for attention to detail carries through in all my work where I create inspired moments through the spaces I design,” said Raquel Skrobarczyk, principal designer of Heather Scott Designs. “Each detail is intentionally planned with my clients in mind and thoughtfully chosen for its purpose and beauty.” 

Skrobarczyk describes her signature style that's “classic, chic, and serene,” which shines through in this project. “The sofas are covered in a Sunbrella fabric because we wanted that crisp, clean look, yet to still be durable for a beach house,” she said. “This is where most families spend most of their time together, so we want to tailor these rooms to fit their lifestyle.”   

To achieve durable, easy-to-clean performance, Scott chose Sunbrella fabrics for no-fear neutrals that hold up. Her client’s family will be able to easily wipe away any spills or sand without fear of lasting consequences. Plus, with one of the best warranties in the industry, Sunbrella fabrics are made to last. 



Skrobarczyk advises choosing main pieces, like sofas and chairs, in a neutral, durable material and then bringing in color and personality with accessories, art, and décor, which is how she approached this project. “My client’s favorite colors helped guide the color scheme and the goal to create a stylish yet durable home for them to live in and enjoy.” 

With hints of aqua, coral, and greenery, this beach house has been transformed into a luxuriously chic getaway with the help of Sunbrella and Skrobarczyk.  

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