Designer Spotlight: Harrington Porter

Harrington Porter, a landscape design firm based in London, is known for creating “rooms without roofs,” as they like to say. City gardening trends have risen in popularity in the past couple of years but have really taken off in past couple of months with the pandemic causing people in to spend more time at home. People want to extend their indoor space into the outdoors with exacting detail and the same level of comfort expected with indoor styles.  


Harrington Porter used modern designs with some country elements and Sunbrella fabrics to provide soft furnishings for a recent Quill Lane project.


Harrington Porter has received the prestigious honor of being recognized as a registered designer with the Society of Garden Designers. With their originality and hard work, the designers at Harrington Porter build out projects entirely in-house. By prioritizing the design first, they can create wholly original results. 


Hidden storage elements are a signature of Harrington Porter designs.


Keeping things simple with a neutral base and contemporary, sharp lines, is a signature of Harrington Porter designs. By providing a sense of calm with neutrals, a client’s outdoor space can effectively become an extension of their indoor space. Other priorities include practical elements, like the inclusion of storage and using fabrics that will last. Sunbrella is a natural fit for Harrington Porter, and they gravitate towards a selection of muted greys and whites. With Sunbrella, clients don’t have to be afraid of using neutrals outdoors.  
Given its easy-to-clean durability and soft hand, Sunbrella fabric provides a safe way to incorporate style that lasts. Harrington Porter considers balance when designing a space and feels Sunbrella fabric plays a pivotal role in that. Sunbrella balances between being durable while still being soft and design forward. This balance is impactful when creating relaxing garden spaces with plants within the stark cityscape of London. 


Wine spills are no threat to neutral cushions when using Sunbrella fabrics.