Design Trend: Mending

Creative Trends: Mending from Sunbrella on Vimeo.

Mending and reusing are trends that our designers are seeing across the world, and not just in the typical eco-friendly spaces. Sustainability is a lasting trend that’s mainstream. Our designers even implement sustainable practices at home!

Sunbrella designer, Jami Mabb, shares how she’s explored mending during her time working from home. “Objects that come into our lives are only ever going to last so long, but there’s something about participating so actively in extending their life and usefulness that is really fulfilling,” she explains in the above video.

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Jami’s jeans upcycle denim patches for a well-loved look.

No sewing machine necessary, there are a variety of techniques to DIY mending clothes from a pair of jeans to your favorite knitwear. Upcycling is a growing trend where people actively make and mend their own clothes through hand sewing small holes and other mending techniques like patching, appliques and fabric scraps.

While Jami primarily applies mending to denim and sweaters based on her social media inspiration, it’s also worth noting that because Sunbrella fabrics are built to last, a little hand stitching here or there would not only extend the lifetime of pillows, blankets, and more, but would also add a touch of character. Take Jami’s experience with darning a sweater: “I know it’s my favorite sweater, but there’s something about having mended that elbow that makes it very obvious to everyone who looks at it, that they can tell it’s my favorite sweater.”

From backstitch to running stich, repairing clothes, in some ways, has become a form of self-expression, where visible mending and hand stitches add art to previously loved items.

There are a number of benefits worth noting if you’re willing to mend clothing and other fabric items in your home. To start, the act of repairing is therapeutic in nature. By simply thinking stitch by stitch, or putting on music or television in the background, menders have a fabulous way to unwind. Additionally, there is a positive environmental impact when you choose patching and clothing repair over replacing, or when you opt to revamp an older piece of clothing instead of buying new.

Sustainability is important to us at Sunbrella. Not only do we make long-lasting fabrics that will be with your family for years to come, we’re also dedicated to quality manufacturing processes.

Visit our sustainability page to learn more about the Sunbrella difference.