Design Refresh for the New Year

We’ve all been spending more time than usual at home and the beginning of this new year presents a perfect opportunity to take stock of our surroundings and reflect on the livability of our spaces. Use this time to consider how each room functions in your current stage of life. For example, if you have a family with younger children, are your spaces and fabrics performing in the ways you need? How does your home space make you feel? Inspired, comforted, or even overwhelmed? Make a list of what’s working and what’s not before setting your intentions for the future and welcoming a style update for your home. Read on to explore some common challenges and our ideas for how to create a space that works best for you. 


work from home stylework from home style
Need a fresh idea for your home office? Try an upholstered desk!


Working From Home

Working from home has become a reality for many of us. While there are things to celebrate about working from your home office—safety, no more commute—the situation may also present challenges in your workflow. To spark inspiration in your daily tasks, add a touch of the unexpected in your workspace. Adding fabric to typically hard surfaces, like office desks, creates a much warmer and more inviting feel. (We love this one from Label 180!Upholstered desks are a great way to soften a typically hard surface while adding a unique design element. To bring further joy to your workspace, consider choosing an eye-catching pattern to make the desk a focal point of the room. 


interior design styleinterior design style
Try incorporating bold statements for 2021!


Adding Excitement

Neutrals have had quite a moment this year and they’re a great way to ground your space. Sometimes, however, you need a little more personality. If you feel that your space has become a bit blank, consider adding personal style through statement patterns and bold color choices, like our Resonate pattern or the Array pattern in Calypso and Caribbean. You could also find melodrama in darker, more moody patterns like the gorgeous Kanoko in Plum and Layer in Dawn. A hand-dyed or painted feel can be found in our Authentic pattern in Indigo or the uniquely beautiful Kindle pattern.   

If your décor is more traditional, the Berensen print in Tuxedo or Fretwork in Mist provide a pop of pattern without being too distracting. On the other side of the spectrum, you could add some whimsy with playful patterns like Fetch Bone or Nantucket in Atlantis.  


textured upholstery fabrictextured upholstery fabric
Textures add a feeling of warmth to your decor.


Integrating Texture

By integrating unexpected texture into your home décor, you can infuse a feeling of warmth into your space. Texture has the power to transform an occasional chair into your favorite ‘curl up with a great book’ chair by adding the right amount of softness. Create a layer of warmth and comfort to your favorite pieces with chenilles, like our Platform pattern or Décor pattern in minkpewtersand, and snow. A cozy chunky boucle can be found in our Nurture pattern and would be perfect for recovering a family-friendly sectional. Our Interval matelassé is a beautiful Thibaut exclusive that is offered in white, as is our Del Mar matelassé in Almond


white upholstery fabricwhite upholstery fabric
Choosing white upholstery is no longer scary with Sunbrella!


Embracing Minimalism

Maybe it’s time for a clean slate and a blank canvas. Head straight to the light end of the spectrum for a palette cleanser and rebuild your room from there. Because of our stain resistance and easy care, bringing white and light fabrics into your home is easier than ever before.  Explore lighter-toned fabrics with a hint of pattern, like Enrich in CloudEsti in Limestone, and Ophelia in White. Incorporate texture in whites with patterns like Bliss in LinenNurture in White, and Platform in Salt. Add warmth in neutral weaves with Essential in FlaxAction in Linen, and Level in Pumice. By choosing Sunbrella fabrics, you don’t need to worry about choosing lighter colors for a family environment: our performance technology is engineered to live up to any lifestyle, while also designed to provide the utmost comfort for your household.  

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