Choosing Fabrics Inspired by Nature

Nature has always served as an inspiration source for design. When natural elements are incorporated into your space, you feel more connected to the natural environment, which reduces stress and creates a calm, tranquil space. 



Feel a leafy breeze when you incorporate Sunbrella botanical patterns into your living spaces. Our patterns featuring leaves are on-trend and provide a dynamic look that can be translated to indoor, outdoor, or transitional spaces. 



For a hint of boldness, pair Tropics Jungle pillows with Pique Ivy cushions on your outdoor set.  



Calm Graphite uses grounding neutral elements that would pair well with many furniture types, like teak, wicker, or iron. 



It’s natural to gravitate toward florals to refresh your spaces for spring. Flowers delight the eye and provide a soothing, yet uplifting element to your décor. 



Stem Sky is subtle enough for a couch or chair but could also provide enough personality for accent pillows. We like to see it paired with a stunning, textured grey, like Chartres Gull or Tailored Fogto make the intricacies of the design come to life.  



Violetta Baltic would look fabulous poolside as it would bring out the bright colors of a traditional poolscape. Its bright, cheery nature leaves you no choice but to have a joyful time while in its presence.  


Natural Shades 

Sunbrella designers draw inspiration from nature not just for patterns, but also for colors and textures.  Our rich greens and browns evoke the feelings of comfort and security that nature provides. 



Bliss Aspen presents nature’s neutral, green, in a way that is both cozy and revitalizing. At a time when many of us are ready for a fresh start, it signifies our desire for growth and new beginnings. 



Cast Teak takes a beloved color found in nature (and many furniture pieces) and enhances it with a rich, textural weave. 



Decor Sand bottles up the calm feeling of dipping your toes into the sand for a serene seating solution that’s beyond comfortable. 


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