Brian Paquette Designs For Sunbrella At High Point Market

“There are root moments in life that can actually inform how you want to live.”

This observation could seem like a given, but coming from Brian Paquette, a Seattle-based interior designer and creator of Sunbrella’s experiential space at spring Market, it’s a serious mantra that informs everything he creates with fresh originality.

We are not always so conscious of how life influences our tastes—but unquestionably, we gravitate towards familiar themes, moods and materials. Paquette’s artistry lies in conceptualizing interior spaces that reference our core personalities, because these become spaces where we’d actually like to spend time.

In Paquette’s world, art leads design, and comfort leads everything. To create a luxurious indoor space in the middle of high-energy, high-traffic High Point Market, Paquette turned to his background in painting and conceptual art—and a recent trip to Paris. “I always go towards art first,” he says. “I’m pulling from art history and color theory, seeing how I can interact a space with those elements.”

Mood Board

Inspired by Parisian design, the Sunbrella show space draws on a familiar cultural reference synonymous with indulgence, the Palace of Versailles. This historic masterpiece is rich in color, juxtaposed with classical architecture and elegant varieties of stone and marble. Everywhere, Paquette says he saw an “interaction of color and curve and surface texture.” Paquette extracted these design elements to elevate the intrinsic comfort of Sunbrella fabric.

Balancing Old World French opulence against new European simplicity, the design seamlessly integrates Sunbrella fabrics into a modern interpretation of Louis Quinze splendor: soft pastels contrasted with saturated jewel tones, opulent wood and stone case goods, and wonderful layers of texture, from smart wool suiting to soft bouclé yarns. Generous, plush seating with curvaceous lines lends the space a feeling of indulgent relaxation. “Curve is a big thing in my head right now,” says Paquette. “It all comes back to comfort, and a big curvy piece of furniture that’s deep and low and covered in beautiful fabric is the most comfortable.”

The most intriguing aspect of the High Point Market experience is that Sunbrella fabric is incorporated from top to bottom, in everything from the upholstery to the walls and even in several decorative accessories. One unique element is a series of large-scale minimalist ‘paintings’ that play with the warp and weft of the fabric, exposing how a blend of different yarns combines to create the perception of a particular color. “There’s an interaction of thread and weave,” says Paquette, “so one color may seem to just be a solid color but in reality, it’s two or three colors interacting…I liked the depth of a lot of those fabrics.”

Aesthetics change constantly, but Paquette’s mind is on the long game. When reflecting on his design, he remarks, “It’s only as beautiful as it is functional. Sunbrella completely flips the script for indoor spaces. Visitors to the InterHall space will experience a super luxe, beautiful room with fabrics that are soft and comfortable. The performance attributes of Sunbrella are an unexpected bonus.”

For visitors to the Sunbrella booth, there might be one more bonus—catching a quick nap on the luxuriously inviting sofa when no one’s looking.

Sunbrella is located at High Point Market in InterHall 210, April 14-18. Follow @Sunbrella on Instagram to see the show space come to life!