Blurring Colors with Recycled Materials

The concept of the lines of color being blurred has become more eminent in design, specifically with sustainable textiles. Recycled and upcycled fabrics use a mix of yarns that create new texture and layered color. Sunbrella plays in this space with our longstanding Heritage fabric. As interest in sustainability grows, we see more people mixing fabrics and materials to create a new-to-you palette.


Upcycled colors blend together to create new and fascinating combinations.


Creating New Color from Recycled Material​ 


Apply the concept of wabi sabi to your designs as you embrace the beauty in materials as they age. As things get older, they become perfectly imperfect, and we are increasingly seeing textures, finishes, and materials that mimic a patina finish. When juxtaposed with more modern looks, you can create a space that feels more lived-in and effortlessly intriguing.


Recycled materials look especially attractive when paired with natural elements, like wood and greenery.


Different materials, textures, and the melding of past colors come together to make beautiful fabrics. The nuance and dimension in sustainable fabrics are why they continue to be important in design. ​ When weaving our Heritage fabrics, we create new textures and colors while reusing materials with a past. ​ 


Sunbrella and Sustainability ​ 


Sunbrella products are rooted in sustainability throughout the manufacturing process.  


The use of recycled fibers throughout these materials creates a homespun appeal and adds depth to a space. Due to the nature of the recycled content, Sunbrella recycled yarns may exhibit random color specks and shade variation, leading to excellent opportunities for color. blurring. These slubs can sometimes be a contrasting color, adding to the visual interest of the fabric. The result is a textile with vintage charm, rich coloration, soft feel, and excellent performance. ​ 


We’re proud to partner with furniture manufacturers like Neighbor, whose frames are made from sustainably sourced materials. They also use Heritage fabric on their furniture. 


Recycled materials possess an enviable depth of texture and color.