An Endless Sunbrella Summer

Sure, August is the last official month of summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up the slower pace of time spent outdoors just yet.  
The children’s backpacks are filled with fresh school supplies and trips to the coast have come and gone, but we still have longer days and warmer evenings to enjoy.  


Relish in this time by creating a backyard oasis with an awning, pergola, or umbrella made with Sunbrella fabric!  Photo credit: Liz Marie Blog


Spending Time Outdoors ​ 

Backyard dinners, movie nights under the stars, and gardening can be year-round activities with the right shade elements.  
Choosing the perfect awning for your space will ensure that you are protected with the correct amount of shade for daytime, while retractable options allow you to enjoy an evening of star gazing. 
Whether you are seeking targeted shading for an area or want to create a porch-like retreat with an awning, shade solutions create a relaxing environment that is meant to be enjoyed all-year long.​  


The right shade solution can really add to the appearance of your home.

You may also consider adding a modern, sleek touch to your home by adding in a custom awning or pergola that creates architectural interest. Of course, you can always opt for a classic look that provides timeless beauty and comfort. Whatever outdoor oasis you’re creating, make a statement with Sunbrella fabrics


An umbrella provides easy portability to fit different spaces as the seasons change. Photo credit: Emily Henderson


Endless Possibilities with Sunbrella ​ 

With limitless possibilities, it’s easy for Sunbrella to help make your summer feel endless.  
Sunbrella fabrics are engineered to withstand the elements; plus, they’re easy to maintain and designed to keep their vibrant colors with fade-resistant fibers.  


Choose a retractable awning to extend your shaded space.


Late summer showers, UV rays from sunny days, and falling leaves are no match for Sunbrella fabrics. They resist fading, mold and mildew damage, and more.  

And with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, we stand behind the easy maintenance and longevity of their shade fabrics. Ultimate cleanability and easy maintenance gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor spaces!  


Keep colors vibrant by using fade resistant Sunbrella fabrics.


With a wide variety of vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, there are plenty of options to evoke the feeling of summer in your outdoor space all year round. Find the perfect shade structure for your outdoor space with an awning, umbrella, or pergola today. 
To get started, check out our Awnings and Shade page to locate resources for shade structures with Sunbrella fabrics.