Designing YOUR Outdoor Space

June 29, 2010 by Sue R

I recently read a social media comment that discounted the recent trend towards creating outdoor spaces that provide comfort and aesthetic. The source encouraged readers to “let the outdoors look like the outdoors” and keep backyards simple with the organic stuff of nature.

Well, I have no problem with that….unless you’re so inclined to build in a little adventure and even touches of luxury to create the outdoor space that works for you. And that’s the beauty of YOUR outdoor space. You can make it whatever you want. As simple, or as extravagant as YOU want. This article at has some of the most comprehensive yet simple ideas to transform your outdoor space I’ve seen in one article in quite some time. And you can decide what you want to use, and what you don’t want to use, as you transform your outdoor living area into your outdoor oasis.

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